Greer is a single mom to a fabulous 3 year old boy named Owen. Follow him and his kooky antics on her Twitter, @Owen_Is_Three. Greer currently resides in Stamford and has been a faithful Fairfield County resident for almost her whole life. She became extrordinarily wealthy from 12 lucrative years of teaching motor skill development to young children, and now works in an accounting office for fun. Greer loves foods that begin with the letter P, wearing unsupportive shoes, and holding children upside down and tickling them.
A boy opening Christmas presents.

Why I Won’t Give Up My Child on Christmas

I am a single parent to my son. His dad and I live in the same town, and he sees my son regularly. Although we have our differences, I think we co-parent very well....
Santa making a naughty or nice list.

The Santa List

So, we have thankfully gotten through the dreaded Thanksgiving meal (Update: Owen ate and enjoyed some plain turkey breast, along with some broccoli and a roll, while continuing to refuse mashed potatoes or anything...
A family cooking together.

Mommy Problems: How to Handle the Holidays with My Picky Eater

So as many of you know, I often like to wax poetic about how wonderful my child is, or dole out tips on how to be as awesome at parenting as I am. (Ha!!!) ...
Preschooler doing art.

Loving My Preschooler’s Wild Imagination

“Mommy!” Owen exclaims as I pull him out of the bathtub.  “Pretend I’m a turtle!”  He pulls his hooded towel, which I should note is a frog and not a turtle, over his head...
A boy dressed as a superhero with a cape.

The Superhero Phase

For the past few months, my son Owen has been obsessed with superheroes.  Although he's never seen a Spiderman movie or even a Batman cartoon, he has gleaned enough about these comic book creations...
A mom talking to her daughter.

Reward Charts for Preschoolers

Around the time that my son Owen turned 3, I decided to implement a reward chart. At the time, Owen was working on a number of self care skills all at once, including getting...
Baby products you need to have.

Top 10 Parenting Inventions I Couldn’t Live Without

A few days ago, our own lovely Liz posted an article about her favorite baby things. Which got me thinking about all of the products and gadgets that have really come in handy for...
A preschool girl.

“Expert” Behavior Management Tips for Preschoolers

I've been teaching young children for most of my career. Over the past 15 or so years of working with preschoolers, I have picked up many effective strategies for dealing with preschooler behavior, and...
A tiger resting on a rock.

Making Memories at the Bronx Zoo

Some of my all-time favorite childhood memories took place at the Bronx Zoo. My father took me there all the time, starting at the age of three. When the children’s zoo first opened, I...
A father playing with his daughter.

The # 1 Parenting “Rule” I Have Broken….

Before I had my son, I had a lot of ideas about what kind of parent I was going to be: Loving and nurturing, but strict when it was called for; patient and fair;...