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Being a good mom involves more than just taking care of the kids. It’s about creating a nurturing environment where emotions can be expressed, issues can be resolved, and happiness prevails. This is no easy task, especially with the everyday stresses of life. That’s why maintaining strong and supportive relationships is crucial for moms.

At Fairfield County Mom, we understand the significance of nurturing relationships, particularly in the journey of motherhood. Our goal is to offer valuable insights on how to build and strengthen the bonds we share with our friends and family. We share our favorite date night restaurants in Fairfield County , where you can reconnect and indulge in a delightful culinary experience. Or, if you prefer to stay in, we have a range of creative at-home date night ideas that will help you strengthen your marriage from the comfort of your own home.

For those looking to foster a stronger parent-child relationship, we offer ideas for connecting with your child after school and fun activities to enjoy with your teenager.

We also offer advice on maintaining a strong circle of friends and family, whether it’s finding new people to connect with or how to navigate friendships in adulthood. Additionally, we provide tips on finding time for marriage and relationships while juggling a busy schedule.

The Fairfield County Mom team delivers heartwarming content on relationships that brings hope in difficult times and supports friendships and marriages throughout motherhood.

Twins and a friend on cell phones with their feet resting against the wall.

Twins and Their Friends

I am now in the stage of parenting a young tween and mid-elementary school girls. They are wonderful girls with great friends, and I feel very fortunate that we have not had significant drama on the social scene. While I...
Friends holding hands.

Forever Friends

My oldest friend recently got married. She is by no means old, but we have been the best of friends for almost 40 years. Spending time with her and her family made me realize what a unique treasure that...
With the cadence of modern life, in balancing our obligations as moms, spouses, employees, pet parents, and the like, friendships can easily take a backseat and fall low on our list of priorities. A recent report by the U.S....

The Meaning of a Name

I recently attended a meditation workshop, and the instructor told us to take out a notebook and pen. She would ask us a question and wanted us to journal about it. She asked us, "What is the meaning of...
A heart drawn in the sand.

Love Again

It’s a perfect fall day, bright and sunny yet slightly cool and crisp. I am nine months pregnant, counting down the last 11 days until my due date. Hospital bag packed, ready at a moment’s notice. Then, I received a...
A sad woman holding her head.

But She’s Still Your Mother

My childhood was a traumatic one. My parents were divorced when I was two, and I had lived in Binghamton, Buffalo, Brooklyn, Queens, and Manhattan by the time I was seven, in multiple apartments in each area. We were...
At the end of a long day, finding ways to connect with your child after school can be a challenge. Not all kids are ready to tell you every detail of their day; even if they are, you may...
Fun and interactive dates are important for any relationship, but sometimes it’s difficult to think of something original to do. A good date doesn’t have to be overly complicated or expensive. It just needs to be intentional and both...
Developing friendships has been a topic of conversation I have found myself having more often in our home with our two boys. It seems that this has been somewhat of an art form made more difficult post-pandemic and with...
A couple with their backs to one another.

I Left a Bad Marriage

No one gets married thinking it’s going to end. Thinking it could turn out so incredibly wrong. Thinking you’ll be completely heartbroken 15 years down the line. But that’s what happened to my marriage.  There was never any abuse that...

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