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In an ideal world, parenting through ages and stages would be a breeze, with a how-to guide for every scenario. But we know that’s not the case. Every child is unique, requiring special love, care, and nurturing. Without a parenting manual, what can you do? Fairfield County Mom is here to assist. With a diverse team of over 30 contributors hailing from various backgrounds and family structures, we bring experiences from all walks of life and parenthood. No matter what ages and stages of parenthood you are navigating, our moms from Fairfield County Mom have got your back.

Motherhood is an incredible journey, filled with challenges and beautiful moments. The excitement and mixed feelings of anticipation during pregnancy mark the beginning of this transformative experience. The newborn phase brings sleepless nights and countless diaper changes, but it also comes with the incomparable joy of witnessing your baby’s first smile. As your little one grows into a toddler, the journey shifts to managing tantrums, encouraging independence, and celebrating their first words and steps. The school years present a new set of challenges, balancing academics, activities, and social development. And finally, the teenage phase establishes their identity and boundaries, requiring open communication. Each stage of motherhood, though challenging, strengthens the unbreakable bond between mother and child.

We are here to assist you throughout all the different phases of motherhood providing resources to support you. Whether it’s guiding you towards solutions or simply offering companionship, we aim to make you feel less alone. Let us help you navigate through these stages with ease.

A three-year-old boy eating cereal.

Troublesome Threes

My son turned three two months ago. Everyone always complains about the terrible twos, but I always wondered what they were talking about. My son was a dream at two. He was sweet and kind, listened well, and was...
The holidays are a joyous time of tradition and family. However, they also come with a host of extra social demands, including visiting new and unfamiliar places and relatives or family friends. This can be particularly challenging for children...
a girl climbing on a ropes course in the trees.

My Tenacious Ten-Year-Old

Ten is an interesting age. You're not quite a tween; you're definitely not a teen, but you're also not a small child. You're just somewhere in the middle, figuring out who you are. That's where my older daughter is. "Give...
A mom talking with her tween.

The Best Age

I remember how hard it was to get back to work after having my first child twelve years ago. My daughter had just turned nine months old, and I thought, but this is the BEST age! She was developing...
Sailing into forty.

Sailing Into Forty

Last October, I turned 39. The day fell in the middle of a long weekend, so we loaded up our car with duffle bags of sweaters and shorts, bathing suits and fishing rods, and with five bikes dangling off...
A toddler boy sitting on a bridge on a trail.

The First of the Lasts

My youngest child is about to turn four. The first last toddler year. This is the first of the lasts for the babies in my family, and each milestone is bittersweet. While I love the idea of a third child,...
I have two teenagers and one sassy tween. Next summer, I will have three teenagers, help me God. Trust me when I tell you this stage tests your confidence big time! No matter how many hip slang words I...
A newborns ear.

Infant Ear Molding

Dr. Shareef Jandali is a board-certified plastic surgeon practicing in Connecticut and New York. He completed his plastic surgery residency training at the University of Pennsylvania and the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia. He has been in practice for over...
Kids standing in front of a Paw Patrol car.

My Open Apology to Paw Patrol

I owe Paw Patrol an apology. When my daughter was three, this became THE show to watch. Pups showed up on classmates' t-shirts and backpacks, and she begged to watch it. I thought these talking dogs were inferior to the...
A mom walking her daughter to school.

Hurray for Pre-K!

During a preschool pickup in late May, my usually bubbly daughter emerged tear-stained and red. “What happened?” I asked as she ran into my arms, her small body melting into my own. Her teacher took me aside. “Kids were talking about...

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