A Guide to Pregnancy, Infancy, & Postpartum Resources in Fairfield County

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Motherhood. Many of us dream of it, but our lives are forever changed once it happens. Whether it is your first time or your fourth, becoming a mom is exciting, joyous, and nerve-wracking. Any mom can feel overwhelmed between pregnancy food cravings, mood swings, finding the best gear, and more. Then once the baby comes, so many decisions must be made. Will you breastfeed or bottle-feed? Will you co-sleep? Will you need all those onesies? Fairfield County Mom has compiled a guide featuring the best pregnancy, infancy, and postpartum resources. We want to provide you with information so you can relax and enjoy that pregnancy glow and those new baby snuggles without the stress (and maybe even get some sleep). Just know that you aren’t alone on this crazy journey. As always, please support our sponsors! 


Wanderwild Family Retreats
Wanderwild Family Retreats offers wellness retreats for moms and children that create an environment supporting moms to show up as their best, allow space to take a break from busy schedules, and just breathe. Their retreats are a space to reconnect through yoga, mindfulness, farm-to-table food, beautiful nature, and Montessori and Forest school-inspired childcare. Their retreats welcome pregnant moms, new moms, and children of all ages.


Jandali ear molding
Newborn ear deformities include prominent ears, pointed ears, flattened ears, and ears that fold over. Ear molding is a proven, non-surgical and painless technique to correct ear deformities when performed early after birth. The earlier the molding is performed, the better the results. Ear molding is covered by most insurances and performed by Board Certified Plastic Surgeon Dr. Shareef Jandali, who performs over 100 ear moldings yearly.


The Feminine Rejuvenation Center at Jandali Plastic Surgery offers a full complement of restoration treatments, including surgical and non-surgical options. The non-surgical treatments, including Emsella, provide solutions for various feminine concerns such as vaginal dryness, laxity, stress urinary incontinence, and sexual dysfunction. For volume loss and skin laxity of the labia majora, the practice offers labial puff injections and Morpheus8 skin tightening. Dr. Shareef Jandali specializes in labiaplasty for functional as well as cosmetic concerns. Their highly trained female staff allows patients to feel confident and comfortable throughout the process.

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The Parent Collective

The Parent Collective seeks to equip expectant parents and mothers with the education and support they need to thrive during parenthood. They offer prenatal education, new mother and working mother support groups, and motherhood coaching. Each Prenatal Education class is designed to support mothers and fathers through the various transitions of parenthood. Whether you’re looking for guidance regarding delivery preparation, new baby care, and everything in between, they’ve got you covered. Their team of facilitators are trained experts who are passionate about imparting their knowledge as both practitioners and parents to those in need of support. The Parent Collective offers New Mom Groups that aim to be a non-judgmental space for mothers to build connections with others in the same stage of life, validate how the transition to motherhood isn’t always smooth sailing, and share resources with one another in a safe, supportive environment. And finally, as a Certified Motherhood Coach and Fair Play Facilitator, their founder helps women through the many transitions of parenthood and the identity shifts and stresses accompanying them. Central to this work is helping mothers to craft strategies for managing overwhelm and remaining connected to who they are outside of their roles as a parent, partner, or professional.

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The Home Cook

The Home Cook is a heat-and-eat meal delivery service. They offer home-cooked meals delivered to your door on Mondays and Wednesdays. Everything is scratch made with love. This is especially good for new moms or those who may not have as much time to cook, as all you need is an oven and a microwave!

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Beyond Baby

Beyond Baby is a family health and wellness company. They go beyond the mainstream healthcare system by providing unprecedented, holistic care; unbiased, reliable education; and top-notch products for any stage of parenthood while raising awareness for maternal, fetal, and infant mortality and morbidity. The company empowers people through numerous services and educational courses to make informed decisions when expanding their family. Beyond Baby’s healthcare professionals provide in-home and virtual services like Birth Support, Prenatal Massages, Lactation Consultations, Sleep Coaches, and much more! Experts in their field(s) of study also create many self-paced courses for accessible and convenient learning with little to none of its kind.

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Kristen Smaldone Nutrition LLC

Kristen Smaldone Nutrition, LLC is an insurance-based pediatric nutrition practice servicing the dietary needs of infants through teens in-person and virtually. One-on-one counseling for starting solids, picky eating, gastrointestinal (GI) conditions, food allergies, tube feeding, and general pediatric nutrition concerns. Parents deserve guidance from a reputable source. Kristen is a registered dietitian and a board-certified specialist in pediatric nutrition. With an extended clinical background and battle-tested personal experience as a mom of two young boys, she gets it! If you are a busy parent seeking guidance, support, and clarity to gain confidence in feeding your child, Kristen can help! You will work together where your child is at so we can adapt and personalize what works best for them and your family.

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Optimal Health
At Performance Optimal Health, they believe in supporting women through each phase of their life, including preparing for and entering motherhood. They provide one-on-one pre- and post-natal consultations, evaluations, fitness programs, nutrition consultations, and physical therapy throughout all phases of pregnancy to prepare clients for birth and parenthood. Popular fitness programs target core and pelvic floor strength, while pelvic physical therapy addresses various complications that result from pregnancy, such as diastasis recti, incontinence, endometriosis, and more. Clients can also access nutritionists specializing in women’s health, pre/post-natal nutrition, lactation consulting, and more.

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Lactation Consultant At Home
Cathy Walker, MA, RN, IBCLC, is an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant. She became an IBCLC in 2009 and provides office, in-home, and virtual prenatal and post-delivery lactation support visits. Home visits are provided throughout Westchester County and Lower Fairfield County. Cathy offers evidence-based and non-judgmental support for all feeding choices. She develops a care plan together with the family. In addition to breastfeeding support, she provides pumping evaluations, flange fittings, and bottle skills evaluations. She specializes in oral restrictions. She offers prenatal breastfeeding classes and a breastfeeding support group. Her office is in Stamford, CT, and the classes are in her Harrison location.


Allison Beck

Allison Beck is a psychotherapist and parent coach supporting parents through the rapid changes and demands of pregnancy, postpartum, and parenting in early childhood. Allison offers traditional individual and couples therapy (for those residing in NY and NJ only) to support parents in resolving problematic beliefs, behaviors, relationship issues, and feelings in the context of pregnancy, postpartum, and parenthood. And for those looking to up-level their parenting, Allison offers individual and couples coaching in the context of pregnancy, postpartum, and parenting in early childhood, a container to unpack your goals, eliminate barriers, and drive action that will nurture the parenting journey you want for yourself and your child. Allison also offers parent consultations for families seeking support around specific parenting struggles or preparing for upcoming milestones in their child’s development. With decades of academic training, years of working with families and parents, and as a parent herself, Allison understands that parents are developing alongside their little ones and is committed to providing education, reflection, support, and inspiration to equip parents with the tools they need to move through their children’s earliest years with confidence and joy.


Quiet Light Counseling
Quiet Light Counseling provides perinatal mental health services to parents from pregnancy through the postpartum period. Sometimes, preparing for or having a baby is not what we expected; Quiet Light Counseling understands and is here to help. They also provide pre-marital and couples counseling, which allows couples to work on skill-building for managing conflict, enhancing friendship, and creating a system of shared meaning. Quiet Light’s motto, “Kindling Hope. Strengthening Families,” encompasses the core of their work. When new parents and couples can feel hope return and are strengthened in their relationships, we build strong and healthy families!

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