A 2023 Guide to Fitness, Health, & Wellness in Fairfield County

A guide to fitness, health, and wellness in Fairfield County.

It’s time you set yourself as a priority!? Not sure where to begin? Fairfield County Mom is here to help! We have partnered with Fairfield County’s top fitness, health, and wellness providers to give you our Guide to Fitness, Health, & Wellness in Fairfield County. Below you will find details on local gyms, studios, wellness centers, and more from businesses in the greater Fairfield County area. We also included our top resources written by local moms. We are excited to provide busy parents with information to help them begin (or continue!) their wellness journey. Please support our sponsors!


Alternative Pain and Wellness Solutions LLc

Are you or someone you know struggling with daily pain? At Alternative Pain and Wellness Solutions, they help patients relieve their pain using a state-of-the-art innovative medical device that produces electric cell signaling energy waves. This is a safe, effective, non-invasive, and nonpharmaceutical approach to healing acute and chronic pain. Julie Heher, APRN owner and lead clinician, has worked in the pain management field for many years. She became frustrated with typical pain management protocols of medications and surgery and has suffered from chronic pain herself. This is the only technology she has found that attempts to heal your pain and provide long-lasting results. Julie is excited to offer this therapy to help her patients heal their pain!

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Darien Wellness offers outpatient behavioral health services (therapy and medication) to all of Connecticut. With offices across the state and online services available to everyone, Darien Wellness takes all major insurances. They are open seven days a week with early morning and late night appointments.


You deserve to feel and look your very best in 2023! Whatever your wellness goals are, EMBODY Wellness Company can help you reach and sustain your results. They specialize in 1:1 Health Coaching and Corporate Wellness with a WHOLE YOU focus on holistic weight loss, anti-inflammatory diet/lifestyle, gut and hormone health, meal-planning, intuitive and emotional eating, detoxing, optimizing sleep, self-care, stress reduction and mindfulness, energy and performance. They are located in CT and see clients virtually worldwide via Zoom. They’ve partnered with companies such as Google, Meredith Corporation, Morgan Stanley, Hedge Funds, and PageGroup, and they can’t wait to support you.
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NutriGreene has been providing individualized nutrition counseling in Connecticut since 2012. They are a team of dietitians specializing in multiple conditions, including weight management, diabetes, heart conditions, eating disorders, gastrointestinal issues, and food allergies. They work to help patients meet their nutrition goals with realistic meal plans. Their practice is in-network with most insurance plans, so patients often have no or limited out-of-pocket expenses. Offices are located in Westport, Stamford, and Hartford, with options for telehealth services too.


Grata Wellness

Grata Wellness is owned by Marianna Cuomo Maier, a National Board Certified Health & Wellness Coach (NBC-HWC) who uses an integrative and holistic approach to address various health and wellness challenges. Marianna specializes in 1:1 health and wellness coaching and focuses on behavior change and accountability, burnout, intuitive eating, self-care, stress management, and life transitions. Marianna guides individuals to be empowered to take control of their body and mind, maintain balance, and live a more joyful life. Marianna helps her clients to define their optimal wellness and improve their lifestyle through methods that are both sustainable and uniquely tailored to their own day-to-day life. Marianna is located in NYC and sees clients virtually all over the world. Marianna asks you to join her on an evolving journey of enhancing your health and finding what fills you with happiness.

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Jennifer Melville
When you think of your health and wellness, how long does it take for you to add sexual health to your list? For most of us, moms especially, it always falls to the bottom of the list because the story we tell ourselves is that we are too stressed, tired, annoyed with our partner, etc., to make it a priority in our relationship. Jen Melville is a wife, mom, and professional Sex & Relationship Coach. In her private coaching practice, Jennifer Melville Coaching LLC, she helps couples transform from tired, detached, and overwhelmed to connected, supportive, and passionate sexual partners. Her programs are designed to meet clients’ specific needs and desires. She teaches clients simple, tangible, and consistent strategies to help their relationships grow and thrive in the bedroom and beyond. Click HERE to download her Sex Drive Guide and visit her website to schedule a free consultation. 

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CBD Curators
The CBD Curators is a boutique shop located at 180 Bedford Street in Stamford. The store has a wide selection of tinctures, pills, topicals, bath bombs, edibles, and other products for pain, sleep (including sleep gummies), and anxiety relief. CBD is a new and exciting product but requires some education. The store is a center for education about how CBD can help in various ways.
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Darien Pilates
Darien Pilates is a boutique Pilates studio located at 28 Thorndal Circle that offers private and semi-private sessions and small group Pilates Mat classes. They have over 15 years of experience helping clients transform their bodies to lead happier and healthier lives. They wholeheartedly believe that learning and knowledge are paramount to success. They lead clients with a gentle, positive attitude which always opens the door to the best results. Transformation is possible in the right environment where people feel welcomed, supported, and inspired without judgment. Darien Pilates is now offering one-on-one sessions where they will assess your needs, you’ll learn some new skills, and they’ll make a plan for a healthier, stronger you.

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BBX Nutrition
Our bodies are incredible vessels, constantly working to maintain internal balance regardless of how we treat them. But how we actually feel, both physically and mentally, is attributable to what we fuel them with and inputs from both internal and exogenous factors. At BBX Nutrition, Lindsey Miller, LDN, CNS, will work with you to discover how and why your inner balance may be off and the best nutrition and lifestyle to ensure true vitality for YOU. BBX is a weight-neutral practice offering realistic support, personalized to your needs, focusing on healthy outcomes and behaviors to help support the life you want. Lindsey sees clients for Mental Health Nutrition in person in Shelton and Milford and offers telehealth appointments throughout the country. She also provides customized speaking engagements on various topics to schools, businesses, groups, etc.
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Centrality Physical Therapy and Wellness.
Centrality Physical Therapy & Wellness is a physical therapy clinic specializing in pelvic floor physical therapy and wellness for all individuals from pediatrics into adulthood located in New Canaan! The Pelvic Health Physical Therapy Specialists at Centrality Wellness are Doctors of Physical Therapy who blend orthopedics and specialty training in pelvic floor conditions to address the “common but not optimal” conditions that many individuals feel they have to “just live with.” Common conditions that are improved with pelvic physical therapy treatment include urinary or fecal leakage (think coughing, sneezing, laughing, exercising, etc.), constipation (pain with pooping, hemorrhoids, fissures), pelvic pain (pain with sitting, pain with sex, inability to wear tampons), hip or low back pain, birth preparation, or changes due to pregnancy or postpartum (DRA, SPD), and childhood constipation/stool withholding, urgency, recurrent UTIs, or bed wetting. Their goal is to create space for you to learn about your body, heal, and get you back to meeting your goals and living your best life. No one should live with what we call “normal” when there is help. Both in-person and virtual options are available.
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Glutes and Gains
Glutes & Gains is a strength training and educational program with a pelvic health flare designed by a pelvic health physical therapist (Dr. Jen Morgan) and strength/conditioning coach (Nick Morgan). Glutes and Gains started as a passion project, where Nick was programming for Jen, and she would make tweaks to support her pelvic health (i.e., unilateral loading, hip mobility, glute-centric work); it turned into a 6-month beta test as they were talking to friends and Dr. Jen was talking to current and previous clients. It was noted that many individuals do not know where to start with a strength training program. There is a lot of fear and misinformation about lifting and pelvic health concerns like leaking, prolapse, pelvic pain, etc. Now that Glutes & Gains has been launched to the public, their goal is to take the guesswork and fear out of movement. There are three main aspects to the G&G program; the strength training program, the weekly educational emails, and the additional individualized support if needed. This program can be utilized at home or in the gym and is designed for everyone who wants to improve their strength.


Elevate PT
From your first phone call to the clinic to the time of your last treatment session at Elevate Physical Therapy, their number one priority is YOU! Orthopedic Specialists in the science of movement strive to provide the community with the most integrated and trusted treatment approach. As a group, they cover numerous sub-specialties in orthopedics to assure you of the best available and medically proven care. Not only will their physical therapists go above and beyond to ensure every patient has optimal outcomes, but you will also feel the same dedication from the therapy assistants to the back office staff. They promise to address any questions regarding your care. At Elevate, they pride themselves on customer service. They have a full team to verify your insurance before coming in. They have an extended treatment schedule for your convenience, open before and after work, and promise to offer you an evaluation within 24 hours. They pride themselves on communication and will address any questions! 


Come experience the enchanting Salt Cave of Darien. You’ll enjoy an oasis of peace, calm, and serenity. Whether you want to release stress, address a health challenge, or gather with friends and family, you’ll find the salt cave inviting, warm, and soothing. The cave is your spa wellness destination with a rich lineup of therapies to help you destress, detox, and improve your overall health.

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HJH Fitness is a sole proprietorship run by its owner Haley Hansen. Haley is a certified Personal Trainer through the National Academy of Sports Medicine and a Corrective Exercise Specialist specializing in creating custom workouts to help clients of all ages and fitness levels achieve their specific goals. For the past six years, Haley has trained clients that range from young athletes to the elderly population. She prides herself on using a functional strength training method that trains and prepares the body to perform activities daily. Whether your goal is weight loss, muscle gain, or a healthier lifestyle, Haley will help you become the best version of yourself at any age! Training can be done virtually, in person, at the convenience of your own home, or several gyms in Westport or Norwalk.

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