Jessica and her husband live in Newtown with their happy baby boy (November 2012) and lovable cocker spaniel. Jessica is a transplanted Texan who has quickly grown to love this corner of Connecticut {although there is an ever present yearning in her heart for good TexMex cuisine}. In addition to enjoying every moment of her new role as mom, she loves cooking {and more importantly eating!}, crafting, organizing, and being outdoors.
A toddler holding a balloon.

B is for Behavior (and Balloons)

I've finally figured out why my generally good-natured and sweet 18-month-old yells the entire time we are in the produce section - Balloons. The produce section, which is always our first stop, is in full...
Butternut squash soup with croutons.

Five Soup Recipes Your Family Will Love

When the temperatures drop, I crave soup. It's the perfect dinner on a crisp autumn day.  As a kid, I wasn't crazy about it, but now I am older and wiser and definitely way...
A mom nursing her son.

A Look Back at Nursing

Breastfeeding, like all other things parenting, is a personal choice. If you didn’t make a choice to nurse or if it didn’t work out for you, please don’t take this post as any judgment on...
A woman cleaning with homemade cleaner.

Learning How to Clean Green

It seems that everywhere I turn, someone is mentioning homemade cleaners. Quite a few bloggers I enjoy reading have written about making the switch from store-bought to homemade, all-natural cleaners. And, as always, Pinterest...
lesson learned

The Best Lesson I’ve Learned

You might say I’m a crier: sad movies, sweet commercials, an email about my baby’s first school pictures. I find this trait about myself downright annoying at times, but I’m sure some of you...

Our Day with a Doula

My due date is less than two months away, and I'm starting to get the special "pregnant mama" treatment.  Cars screech to a halt so I can waddle walk in front of them in...

The Newborn Days

My little man is only 18 months old (today!), so his newborn days weren’t actually that long ago.  Even so, it’s all a bit of a blur.  A wonderful blur, with tons of photo...
A family making hearts with their fingers.

The Power of Laughter: Finding Joy Day to Day

Have you laughed today? I recently helped organized a guest speaker for a professional gathering of my colleagues. The speaker was Dr. Joyce Saltman, and she spoke on the importance of laughter. Throughout the hour she...
Tips for making dinner easy.

Staying Sane at Suppertime

My hubby and I genuinely love to cook.  He’s the better cook, but I’m the better baker, and together we have a great time in the kitchen.  We really didn’t take meal planning or...
A kitchen cubby.

A Kitchen Cubby

As I mentioned in a previous post, we are currently sanding, priming, and painting our kitchen cabinets.  I'm happy to report they are looking fantastic and I love how bright our kitchen looks now!  Unfortunately,...