Lauren is a full time working mom to Madelyn(born 2012) and Amelia (born 2016). Born and raised in Brooklyn, NY, Lauren and her husband Scott moved to Fairfield County in 2008. A self proclaimed “indoor girl”, in her spare time you can find Lauren in her favorite corner of the couch, binge watching whatever “everyone’s” watching.
A child with selective mutism going to school.

Selective Mutism Revisited

It’s been two years since I shared my family’s journey with selective mutism. I remember how nervous I was when I decided to write about it. Not only did it make me feel a...
a girl climbing on a ropes course in the trees.

My Tenacious Ten-Year-Old

Ten is an interesting age. You're not quite a tween; you're definitely not a teen, but you're also not a small child. You're just somewhere in the middle, figuring out who you are. That's where...
A woman searching the library shelves.

Finding Myself In The Library

As a child, I loved to read. I read so much and so fast that my mother used to say I “ate books.” I zipped through them so quickly she would need to hide...
A woman hiding under her covers having a panic attach.

Motherhood and My Mental Health

I woke up the other day, and from the moment I opened my eyes, I knew. My pulse was racing, and my skin felt tingly. My heart was beating faster than usual, and everything...
A mother and daughter doing pottery together.

Just Me and My Girl

My older daughter and I recently experienced a “first” for us. We spent the weekend away without my husband and younger daughter. When this trip with the Girl Scouts came up, it didn’t look...
Two sisters with their backs to one another because they are fighting.

It’s Not Fair!

I have heard this story a million times from my mother. My older sister, who had a birthday three weeks before me, received a coveted Michael Jackson doll (don't look at me like that,...
Two girls saying unkind words behind another girls back.

Words Hurt

I wish it wasn’t the case, but bullies are a part of growing up. Everyone probably has at least one story from their childhood of bullying. My stories aren’t like the ones you see...
A daughter and mother looking at each other.

As Long as She Needs Me

I have a ten-year-old. It sounds as surreal as it feels. Sometimes I look at her, and I can almost see the baby she used to be. The same big, shiny, dark brown eyes....
A girl getting in trouble.

Liar, Liar

One of the most surprising things I've found about parenting more than one child is that they aren't always alike. I just assumed whatever I did for my older daughter would be the same...
Two girls in front of they NY skyline.

The Holiday De-stress, One Year at a Time

December is the busiest month of the year. My family celebrates Hanukkah, so I usually don't feel the standard Christmas pressure many other moms feel. I have no tree to put up and no...