Maria F

Maria F
Maria F. is a high school English teacher who naturally finds herself reflecting upon the routine and randomness that accompany each day as a working mommy. She relies upon humor and some sort of chocolate or frozen treat as survival tactics. She and her husband live in East Norwalk with their three kids, Abbie (2012), Charlie (2014), and Phoebe (2018). You can find Maria F. driving in her beloved dream car, a minivan, listening to audiobooks during her commute, or playing DJ and climate controller when she’s shuttling her kids around town. Forever a sorority girl and Ohio State Buckeye, she will (almost) always choose socializing over chilling on the couch.
A boy wearing shorts in the winter.

Why I “Let” My Kid Wear Shorts in Winter

It is 26 degrees. There is frost on the cars. A wind whips through the bare trees. My fourth-grade son barrels down the stairs. He is dressed in shorts, knee socks, and a t-shirt,...
Friends chatting in front of a school and bus.

The Eras of Friendship Through a Mother’s Eyes

Recently, I went away for a night with two girlfriends. It was a last-minute trip, planned one week before we went away. One of the girlfriends I have known since elementary school. We became close...
A mother rocking her baby to sleep singing her special song.

We All Have a Special Song

Once upon a time, I made up a lullaby. I cannot pinpoint the date, but I know it was some night of my first child’s infant stage. She was hard to put to sleep....
A mom reading a book to her children.

26 Picture Books, Loved by a Mom and Her Four-Year-Old

I have always loved taking my children to the library. I have vivid memories of stuffing the storage basket of my stroller with dozens of books when I had an infant and a toddler. Once...

Explore Fairfield County :: Norwalk

“Explore Fairfield County” is an informational series that provides a glimpse into the wonderful towns and cities in Fairfield County. Fairfield County is diverse, including big cities, tiny suburbs, beaches, farms, and busy highways....
Hands typing on a computer.

A Post for Those in Pain

I haven’t published a post in a few months. There are many posts that I have started and abandoned. Topics ranging from Wordle as a symbol of motherhood to the village of marriage to...
A girl standing next to her backpack.

A Mom’s Sadness is Carried in a Fifth Grade Backpack

It all started with ordering a backpack for fifth grade. In our family, backpacks (am I the only one who calls them bookbags?!) are only purchased every few years, so our kids know to select...
A woman catching her breath after running on a track.

Starting to Run, One Baby Step at a Time

I am not a runner, but I started running the other day. More accurately, I did some running within 22 minutes. I ran for a portion of four laps around the track. I didn’t know I...
A woman holding a child reaching for a computer.

The Voices I Hear When You Say “This Too Shall Pass” or “It’s Just...

“This too shall pass” and “It’s just a phase” are two of my least favorite phrases.  I will preface by saying that I wholeheartedly believe that fellow parents voice these expressions with sincerity after listening...
A soccer coach talking to his players.

“Taking One for the Team” as Parent Volunteers

The pandemic has made much more visible how stretched thin parents are. Everywhere you scroll, there’s another article or video about how exhausted, tapped out, and spent we are. It’s great (sort of) that...