Gloria lives in Fairfield with her husband, Frank, and their four children, Frank (2011), Sofia (2013), Nico (2019), John (2021), and their two rescue pups, Nala and Ellie. Originally from New York, she settled in Connecticut shortly after college and has been a Corporate Recruiter for many years. Helping people along on their career journey is one of the things she is most passionate about, and working for a company she loves but from home is the icing on the cake. When she's not hustling kids from one field to another or cheering them on loudly, she enjoys true crime documentaries, karaoke, spiked seltzers, and good company. She and her husband can be found tearing up a dance floor if there's one around or trying to make the other laugh until they cry.
A stressed woman holding holiday gifts.

My Fancy Holiday Anxiety Is Kicking In

It’s that time of the year again. You know, when my regular, day-to-day, over-functioning anxiety seems like a walk in the park and my fancy holiday, strung up but with lights, anxiety is on...
animal adventure day trips

Animal Adventure Day Trips Around CT

Do your kids love learning about animals? Are you looking for a place where they can meet wild animals, farm animals, or even prehistoric ones? Below is a list of our favorite places to...
A sad woman holding her head.

But She’s Still Your Mother

My childhood was a traumatic one. My parents were divorced when I was two, and I had lived in Binghamton, Buffalo, Brooklyn, Queens, and Manhattan by the time I was seven, in multiple apartments...
Women on a girls' trip.

Take the Girls’ Trip

This year my husband and I celebrated 13 years of marriage, and this month my eldest child turns 12. To say there have been few opportunities to focus solely on myself would be an...
A blue Volvo XC90.

Did the Volvo XC90 Turn Me Into a Car Person?

I admit it; I’m a bit of a car snob. Even now, driving around in more of a “mom mobile,” I had to have the newest and sleekest option.  While I do find a car...
Grandparents sitting on the couch with their grandchildren.

Learning to Grieve While Guiding My Children Through Their Own Grief

They say that grief comes in waves. I never quite understood that until I was in the midst of my own grief. Going along with the day-to-day routines one moment and then getting dragged...
A woman crying on the scale.

Leaving Bulimia Behind

Trigger Warning: Eating Disorders Growing up is such a layered experience for us all. I feel like I’ve had so many opportunities to view life from different perspectives. My mother made a lot of money and...
Gloria and her family.

Meet Gloria: The Definition of Progress

Hi, I’m Gloria, a sarcastic, anxious, full-time working, over-functioning mom of four. Around here, Frankie (11), Sofia (9), Nico (4), and John (2) rule the roost but growing up, my life was very different...