Things to Do in New York City With Kids (Other Than Broadway)


Two boys listening to a tour in a museum. New York City with kids can be fun! NYC boasts a bundle of fun indoor and outdoor activities for kids of all ages. Less than a hop, skip, and a jump away from Fairfield County via train or car, it offers amusement during your staycation days and more than enough entertainment for a family overnight. Whether traveling with a toddler, tween, or teenager, a family of three or six, include some of the below activities on your next family trip into the city.


Twinkle Playspace: An indoor, unique, and interactive playspace for ages six and under. They specialize in themed birthday parties and open play for toddlers and preschoolers.

Brooklyn Children’s Museum: NYC’s largest cultural institution designed especially for families. Sensory learning through hands-on experiences. Three floors of interactive exhibits for ages six months to ten years old.

Jane’s Carousel: A beautiful antique carousel in Brooklyn Bridge Park is open to the public for rides, school field trips, and private parties.

Downtown and Soho

Sloomoo Institute: A 12000 square foot interactive playground of hand-crafted and artisanal build-your-own slime.

Seaglass Carousel: A 2,575 square foot pavilion with a huge chambered nautilus designed by wxy architects spirals and shines amid Battery Park’s flora.

FAO Schwarz: Walk around the iconic toy store where you can hug a life-sized bear or play on a piano with your feet!

The Color Factory: An interactive art museum in Soho with inventive and immersive art installations. Fun-filled rooms are committed to making people happy with color.

Museum of Ice Cream: A three-level playground filled with unlimited ice cream in Soho. Eat as much as you want and learn about the history of ice cream through multi-sensory installations.

Children’s Museum of the Arts: It carries the most extensive collection of children’s artwork in New York, with over 2,000 works by children from over fifty countries.

Imagination Playground: An interactive playground in the Financial District designed by architect David Rockwell.

Pier 25 at Hudson River Park: The longest pier in Hudson River Park and home to an 18-hole miniature golf course, sand volleyball courts, and a children’s playground.

Upper West Side

American Museum of Natural History: Come and spend the day in the planetarium or with the world’s most extensive collection of dinosaur fossils or in one of the world-renowned mammal halls. They once offered night-at-the-museum slumber parties, and I hope to return someday soon.     

Midtown East       

Central Park Zoo: Experience wildlife in the heart of Manhattan. Central Park Zoo is home to some of the city’s most unique views. Stop by for the chance to spot a snow leopard, take in a sea lion show, or find your inner child at the Children’s Zoo.

When you’re done, take a walk over to the Alice in Wonderland Artwork or many of the other amazing playgrounds that Central Park has to offer!

CAMP x TROLLS: Play and explore in Bergentown, Vacay Island, and Pop Village. Take a wild, interactive ride in a living bus thingy called Rhonda, and be part of an unforgettable, live Trollpop concert!

Where are your favorite things to do in New York City with kids?

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Gloria lives in Fairfield with her husband, Frank, and their four children, Frank (2011), Sofia (2013), Nico (2019), John (2021), and their two rescue pups, Nala and Ellie. Originally from New York, she settled in Connecticut shortly after college and has been a Corporate Recruiter for many years. Helping people along on their career journey is one of the things she is most passionate about, and working for a company she loves but from home is the icing on the cake. When she's not hustling kids from one field to another or cheering them on loudly, she enjoys true crime documentaries, karaoke, spiked seltzers, and good company. She and her husband can be found tearing up a dance floor if there's one around or trying to make the other laugh until they cry.


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