Melissa is a proud mom to two boys(2009, 2013) and wife who embraces the mess and chaos that goes along with being a working parent. When not volunteering in her kids activities she can be found coaching basketball, traveling, reading and spending time with her humongous family and friends. Her greatest personal indulgence is live music having been to over 50 concerts. She dreams of obtaining her pilot's license one day.
A mom eating with her teen.

What to Look Forward to in the Teen Years

Mood swings, self-confidence, sass, peer pressure, distancing, and independence-seeking. What is the common denominator? The teen years. In our second year of raising a teen, I cringe at how our teen reminds me of myself....
Teenagers on cell phones.

How to Win Your Kids Back From Their Screens

  Someone asked me yesterday about what it feels like to have a teenager. It caused the corners of my mouth to lift into a smile. You see, it wasn't just one emotion that I...
A woman on the computer sitting next to a Christmas tree and stuffed bear, drinking tea.

Reset, Revisit, Re-Prioritize to Manage Holiday Stress

The party invites, the school plays and singalongs, the gift buying and giving, class crafts, holiday card designing and sending - this all equates to a super stressful month for moms! After 14 years,...
Woman walking with their suitcases traveling.

Girls’ Trips Are a Necessity: Tips From a Pro

It is an unwritten rule amongst my childhood friends that we travel together at least once a year. Of course, our girls' trips were typically more exotic or a further distance away before having...
A mother sitting the the kitchen counter with her children.

Post-Pandemic Mom Burnout: Is This the New Norm?

The beginning of the pandemic in most people's minds was mid-March 2020. It is hard to think that was over three years ago! We all remember it well, and for many, especially the long...
A boy anxious about going back to school.

Back to School: Why It’s Different for Students with IEPs

Customized back-to-school chalkboards, new crayons, a cute new pencil case, or a backpack. Ahhh, it all smells like a fresh new school year! The anticipation of new teachers, classrooms, or even a new school...
Women embracing one another.

The Art of Friendship: Friends for Life or Friends for a Moment?

Developing friendships has been a topic of conversation I have found myself having more often in our home with our two boys. It seems that this has been somewhat of an art form made...
Kids running through a sprinkler.

Reclaiming the Summertime of the Past

Sparklers, long days at the pool or the beach, and leisurely backyard picnics with bike riding around the neighborhood with friends sprinkled in. The summertime of the past seems ideal, right? Sure! Summertime, for me,...
Parents with their graduate.

Graduation: It’s About Our Growth as Parents Too

Caps and gowns, photographs and parties, and all the celebrations accompanying must be June! Graduation time brings about tears for the parents and joy for the students embarking on the next chapter of...
A mother coaching her son's basketball team.

Youth Sports: Keeping the Game About Them, Not You

I sat on the sidelines of my son’s basketball games this weekend, watching three games simultaneously with whistles blowing in every direction. There was the usual variety of parents. Parents screaming louder than the...