Reset, Revisit, Re-Prioritize to Manage Holiday Stress


A woman on the computer sitting next to a Christmas tree and stuffed bear, drinking tea.The party invites, the school plays and singalongs, the gift buying and giving, class crafts, holiday card designing and sending – this all equates to a super stressful month for moms! After 14 years, I feel like maybe, just maybe, I have my pulse on how to ease into this season and manage holiday stress. Well, at least I am striving for it!

1. Revisit the gift-giving.

I am one of five children with several nieces and nephews. My husband is also from a large family. Long ago, we decided to reset the gift-giving parameters to just godchildren and godparents. It keeps the gifts purposeful and intentional rather than out of obligation. Over the years, it has also fostered a sense of developing that relationship further between the child and the adult.

2. Consider the number of times you obligate yourself.

Sure, there are the obligatory office parties or dinners, but you can limit the time you spend, especially if you have other responsibilities to tend to at home. Or not! It’s all about balance. We used to rush from one party to the next. Now, we commit to the first invite and politely decline the next if there is more than one in an evening. We have more fun, and the night seems to last longer!

3. Hydration is key.

Invited to a lot of cocktail parties but can’t risk being tired and sluggish the next day? Set boundaries for yourself. I am no spring chicken, so even three fun festive cocktails leave me feeling less than stellar the next day! I alternate them with club soda and lime with a splash of cranberry. This way, I still feel fancy but without the throbbing headache the next day!

For those ladies not yet in their 40s, I hate to break it to you. Your 40s bring about a lot of amazing insight but also the inability to metabolize alcohol.

4. Reach for the tea.

Settling in after the kids are in bed meant I would reach for a glass of wine. Lately, I make sure it is a conscious decision. I was a tea drinker until I had my babies and had forgotten how much I enjoyed it! The variety of available flavors today makes it even more tempting!

5. Weekend naps.

These are not just for the babies and toddlers in your family! Work, family obligations, caring for aging parents, and kids’ activities have drained me this fall. I find if I set aside one hour a weekend to sneak in a quick nap, it makes all the difference for the week! Self-care is important this season, especially for those making all the holiday magic happen!

How do you manage holiday stress?


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