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Summer craft central supplies.

Summer Craft Central

When I had small children, we did many crafts, and I mean many crafts. I was certainly a crafting queen! Summers home allowed for...

3 Holiday Craft Ideas

As the weather gets chillier and the days are darker, I often try to find some easy and fun activities to keep my toddler...

November Gratitude Practice for Kids: Making a Thankful Turkey

A few years ago, I sought ways to help my kids understand the importance of the holiday season from as young an age as...

Halloween Fun for Little Ones

My kiddos are 2.5 and 7 months old, and we are SO excited for Halloween fun this year. Here are some Halloween-themed activities for...

Fall-Themed Craft and Recipe Ideas

As I was reading up on the October holidays, I came across a list of dates on this website, and October 12th caught my...
A woman knitting.

Crafting is Self-Care: Making Magic By Making

Crafting is self-care. Crafting is family care, too. And women throughout history have known it and passed it down. This summer, I want to...
Women in a crafting club.

How to Kick Off Your Very Own Summer Craft Club

I firmly believe that crafting is self-care and I am making time for it this summer. The last time I needed to carve out...
A handmade Valentine's Day card.

Homemade Valentines: Simple Crafting Fun for Your Little Ones

I am a pretty crafty mama and will admit that I can go a little overboard with every last detail because I enjoy it so much. If...
A woman cutting strips of paper.

DIY Farm Felt Board

The other day, I finally made a farm felt board for my one-year-old daughter. This idea had been in my head for too long,...

Making the Most of Spooky Season

Spooky season is upon us! For some of us (me), we started in July. For others, October 1st and a chill in the air...