Halloween Fun for Little Ones


My kiddos are 2.5 and 7 months old, and we are SO excited for Halloween fun this year. Here are some Halloween-themed activities for even the tiniest goblins to enjoy! You are guaranteed a faboolous time (okay, I’ll lay off the puns)!

Cool Whip Painting

This cool whip paint is the best for littles who don’t quite understand that you can’t eat or mouth everything. Grab some paper and a clean paint brush, and add some orange food coloring to your cool whip to keep it Halloween-themed. Then let your little one have at it! Both of my kids LOVED every minute of this activity, and so did I. 

Teether Frankensteins

My youngest loves the little teether crackers you can get pretty much anywhere. For this activity, I drew a Frankenstein face with some frosting, and we read the book If You’re Spooky and You Know It by Aly Fronis to help with the connection. If anything, she truly enjoyed her spooktacular snack!Teether Frankensteins

Spooky Bath Time

Ready to unwind for the evening? Give your little ones a “spooky” themed bath. Use green food coloring to change the water, and add some plastic spiders, pumpkins, and glow sticks (please be sure these items aren’t a choking hazard before use)! Then, put on some children’s Halloween tunes, dim the lights, and enjoy your little ones’ reaction to their extra fun bath.

Decorating Pumpkins

This is pretty much what it sounds like! Grab some stickers, paint, and a pumpkin of any size, and let your little ones have at it. This was a messy and exciting way for both of my girls to spend some time. We made two versions, a painted pumpkin and a sticker pumpkin (pictured). Watching my oldest rearrange the stickers several times to achieve her desired appearance was cool.

Decorated pumpkin with stickers.

Happy Halloween! I hope it’s a safe, fun, and creative day for all who celebrate.


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