One Evening With Abby {A Photo Essay Series}


“One Evening” is a photo essay series that provides a sneak peek into the everyday lives of the Fairfield County Moms Blog contributors. The evening routine is photographed by Anna-Liisa Nixon Photography and words are written by each mom to tell the story behind the images. It’s a rare and intimate look into each family’s life, one evening at a time.

What is the the most challenging time of any given day for you? Is it the morning routine? Packing lunches and getting everyone out of the house? Naptime where you feel the need to do a thousand chores in 90 minutes? For me, it is the time in between getting home from work until the kids go to bed. Generally speaking – the witching hour!

Although my kids are no longer in cribs or use diapers or bottles, this time of day has, unfortunately, not eased up on me. The kids are getting tired, everyone is hungry, nobody is making good choices and there are a ton of things to get done. So why not invite a photographer over to capture all of these wonderful moments?! Here is a real look into my life during the witching hours of 5-7 p.m.

The house that we recently moved into used to belong to a family with three boys. Perfect for us since we have two boys and a puppy who loves to play with them. The previous owners put in this great play set and tree house that my boys love to play on. They can spend hours out back using their imaginations and chasing each other around. That is, if they can last that long without an injury or argument!

After some playtime out back, we had to make dinner so everyone came inside. My six-year-old loves to help in the kitchen so when I told him we were making pizza on the grill, he was excited to roll out the dough for me while my older son helped to set the table out on the deck.

Dinner with kids is a challenge. After years of offering vegetables at practically every meal, they are just coming around at 6 and 8 to enjoying some of them. Apparently a salad made with arugula is not one of them! More importantly, when are we going to get through one meal without someone spilling something? This is one of the reasons we eat outside as often as possible!

Our night was made exciting by the arrival of an Amazon Prime (what else?!) package with a new beyblade toy and the joy/terror of finding a tiny little frog in the slide.

Thank you to Anna-Liisa Nixon Photography for capturing these simple and pure moments. These are the experiences that make up our lives and the moments we will look back on with love in our hearts.

Images for this project are captured by Anna-Liisa Nixon Photography. Anna-Liisa specializes in documentary family photography and loves capturing the real, silly, weird, and tender moments of childhood. She captures that blur of motherhood — the laughter and tears, the real moments and connections, and the unique rhythm of a family. To learn more, visit her website and follow her on Facebook and Instagram.

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Abby is a full time middle school teacher and mom. She was born and raised in Fairfield County and despite a few attempts at moving out west to Colorado, she has always ended up back here in the tri-state area. She met her husband, Chris, in college, and they were married in 2008 in Norwalk. They welcomed their first son, Ben, in 2010 and their second son, Tommy, in 2012. They recently just bought their forever home in Wilton and brought home a Bernese Mountain dog puppy, Nora, to add to the fun. Abby spends her weekdays working and parenting her two young boys and her weekends trying to relax with family and friends. She enjoys running, podcasts, nice dinners out with her husband or friends and the quiet hour alone with her coffee each morning before everyone else wakes up.


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