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ladycationI have just returned from my fourth annual Ladycation in Cape May, NJ. Somewhere between my late 20s and becoming a mom, I outgrew the term “girl trip.” It just didn’t seem to fit. As I *ahem* gracefully entered my 30’s, my girl trips became a bit more *ahem* sophisticated. You see, once I was married, trips to Vegas didn’t have the same sparkle, and the idea of leaving my daughter for a week while I took advantage of a last-minute deal to London no longer screamed practical.

Yet, I crave time with my “girls.” As we have *ahem* matured, we may have geographically drifted apart, but I will not let that stand in the way of spending some quality time together.

Four years ago, on a cold winter’s night, in the midst of “maternity leave” insanity, I emailed my “girls” and invited them to join me on a Ladycation. The way that trip came together is the stuff of legend. All I can say is that we all must have been in desperate need of a Ladycation because, by the time the sun rose, we were all booked for our first official Ladycation!

You may be asking, “How is a Ladycation different than a girls trip?” Well, for starters: I’m a lady and proud of it! I wholeheartedly believe that there is an art to aging gracefully, and it is based upon the premise that I am no longer a girl, and I’m okay with that. In practice, this means that there are fewer tiaras and boas and more good food and cocktails.

How to turn a Girl Trip into a Ladycation.

1. Attire

In my college days, I used to spend hours getting ready for a night out. We’d crank up the radio, spend way too much time applying eyeliner, and try on an infinite amount of clothing options. Most of these clothing options were some combination of “jeans and a fancy top.” Our Ladycation always includes a fancy night where we put on dresses and age-appropriate amounts of eyeliner.

2. Drinks

Girl Trip libations focus more on quantity over quality. Our Ladycation cocktails are beautiful works of drinkable art composed of fresh squeezed ingredients and top shelf liquor (OKAY, maybe like “whatever is on sale” liquor, but you get the picture).

3. Activities

My Girl Trip activities focused on collecting VIP passes to clubs and dancing the night away. My group of Ladycationers like to go to the beach, do a little shopping, do a little bit of relaxing, and maybe just a little bit of dancing.

What I love most about a Ladycation is gathering my ladies together in one place and coming together to celebrate who we are at this place and time in our lives. On this trip, there is no one “right way” to be a lady. ’Cause, truthfully, what I wish someone had told this “girl” is that we ladies need to stick together. I depend on this group of ladies for many things, especially to help me navigate this whole thing called motherhood. Oh, and who’s going to bring the magazines to the beach. I mean, this lady still has priorities.

Have you ever been on a Ladycation? What are your thoughts?

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