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laura simon photographyThe short of it is winter is the perfect time to do cozy at-home photos. 

  • With more time inside during the cold weather, photos are a special and fun (I promise!) activity.
  • I keep things laid back so that we can create timeless, stunning photos without any stress. Natural light plus simply being with the family (no weird poses or forced smiles) equals magic.
  • Home is where most of the action happens – let’s capture that.
  • As a mom, I get it. I know it’s a lot. It’s all good.A mother holding her child on the bed.

Ok, now here’s the long of it to get to know me and my vibe a little more – Laura Simon Photography.

I’m a Fairfield County photographer. I grew up in Fairfield before heading to NYC for 10+ years and landing in the Hudson Valley. I offer many types of photography in Fairfield County, NYC, Westchester, The Hudson Valley, and The Hamptons. 

So, it’s winter, and we are kind of in hibernation mode over here. Although I get outside with my toddler and pup every day, we spend a lot more time indoors than we do in the warmer months.

I’ve been a professional photographer for 10+ years. Since becoming a mama (my son just turned two), I understand my clients on a whole new level. I mean, getting it together to do a photoshoot with a toddler or any number of kids, pets, partners, etc – is A LOT. Family photographs with a toddler.

I really get it. I KNOW how important and valuable family photos are. That’s why I’m a photographer. It’s literally my job. I see how my son connects with the dozens of beautiful images on the walls of our home. And STILL, I can be resistant to taking photos. It just feels like so. much. work.

It doesn’t help that I’m taking the photos myself with a tripod and remote trigger. It would definitely be useful if I had a photographer like me to do our shoots. Super cheesy segway – YOU DO have a photographer like me to do your shoots! You’re in luck. A family cuddling on the couch during a photo session.

I’ve found that the easiest way to do my own family photos is to be in our home or right outside of it. And now that we are in the winter season, with a little less craziness, it’s a great opportunity to spend snuggly time inside and create beautiful photos at home.

There’s something really special about including your home in your photos. Your home is the space that holds you and your family. It is like a silent witness to your daily life.

Isn’t it special to look at photos of you and your family during childhood and be like, “Oh! That’s in Nana’s kitchen in the chair she always gave me pudding,” or “I drew all over the other side of that door, and Mom wanted to kill me!” Our homes hold so much of who we are – literally and figuratively. They are a perfect setting for our photos.A photo of a mother and father holding their new baby.

My goal – from booking to getting frames and albums delivered to your door – is to make this process as easy as possible for you. You do not have time to deal. To sort through a ton of photos that are just ok and then request extra editing. 

You don’t have time to figure out how to lay out frames on your walls. You are busy being a parent and all the other things you do and are. 

I am a very casual photographer. I want my images to look real and gorgeous. The key is using natural light and letting my clients JUST BE rather than being all weird and doing stuff like sticking a baby in a bowl of fruit (if that’s your thing, that’s cool – I’m not the girl for you). 

I do not bring equipment with me. I worked with studio light for years and determined that natural light is my preferred aesthetic because it looks…well, real. Nothing is natural or authentic about a giant flashing light in your home. 

It will only be me, my camera, and the little monkey that goes around my lens and farts an awful lot. Who doesn’t laugh at a farting monkey?

On that note – I offer sessions all over Westchester County, Fairfield County, the Hudson Valley & NYC. Hop over to my website & send me a note to book your winter session.Family photos hung on a wall.

Special offers for FCM readers:

  • Book a shoot for now through March 2024 (the shoot must take place this winter) and get a $100 print credit.
  • Book your Spring 2024 shoot by the end of February and get a $100 print credit!
  • Book any time for a special newborn and maternity package rate for FCM readers that is $500+ in savings.

laura simonLaura Volpacchio Simon is a natural light portrait photographer serving Fairfield County, Westchester, The Hudson Valley, NYC, and the Hamptons, specializing in lifestyle photography focused on kids, newborns, families, and love. She also offers branding photography, social media photography, headshot photography, dance photography, proposal photography, civil ceremony photography, engagement photography, anniversary photography, and elopement photography. Laura is mama to two-year-old Lionel Jude and doggo Frodo.


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