Betsy lives in Ridgefield with her husband, their adorable and active son the Little Monkey (born in February 2013), and a large, very furry dog. She is a professional fundraiser and amateur baby food puree chef. When she’s not crawling after the Little Monkey and stopping him from poking the dog in the eye, she loves to read, cook, and fold onesies while watching DVR’d episodes of Bravo reality shows.
A mom sleeping in her baby's room to get him to sleep.

The 18-Month Sleep Regression

I am sitting down to write this in the midst of an exhausted fog. Remember that fatigue from the newborn days, where you could feel the pressure of being tired behind your eyes and...
Toddler covering her eyes.

My Favorite Milestones So Far

Now that my son is 18 months old, we’ve had our share of the classic milestones. The first time rolling over, first tooth, first step, first word – they’ve all been a big deal...
A mother packing with her toddler.

Excess Baggage: Packing for a Trip with a Toddler

Do you remember that scene in Titanic where everybody is boarding the ship and the baggage is being loaded? Enormous amounts of steamer trunks, suitcases, hatboxes, and even cars are piled onto the ship....
A baby grabbing a dogs face.

The Two Kinds of “No”

Toddlerhood indeed brings on a whole new world of behavior – and misbehavior. A few choice milestones my son has recently hit: first time yanking on the dog’s tail, first time smacking a plastic...
A new mom breastfeeding her baby.

Welcoming the Newest Members to Our Mom Tribe

Recently, I’ve had a couple of friends become first-time moms, bringing me back to my earliest days with my son. Those first few weeks were intense and exhausting; I remember them so clearly. As...
A messy living room.

Creating a Playroom in a Shared Space

We live in a fairly small house. Our living area is an open-plan living room, dining room, and kitchen area. The bedrooms are down a hall off of that. There are no extra spaces...
A woman feeding her baby with a spoon.

Happy Groudhog Day

In the movie Groundhog Day, Bill Murray’s character gets stuck in a time loop. He’s forced to live the same day over and over; no matter what he does – good or bad –...
A mother breastfeeding.

My Farewell to Breastfeeding

My relationship with breastfeeding did not begin easily. I remember being in the hospital, trying to get the Little Monkey to latch. Every nurse had a different explanation for the “right way.” This meant...
A babysitter playing blocks with a little boy.

Adventures in Babysitting

We are fortunate to have family nearby. One set of grandparents lives next door to us, and one just an hour away in New York City. Since my son was born almost fifteen months...
A baby in a bouncer.

Anyone Else Want to Slow Things Down?

This morning, my son managed to tip his bouncer over. I’ll start by saying he is perfectly fine. A little startled but not a scratch to be found on him. It was a real...