Charity is a newly-single mom of three with a son born in 2012 and identical twin daughters born in 2017. She lives in Monroe and has been writing for Fairfield County Mom since 2019. Charity is a full-time speech-language pathologist, working with patients all across the lifespan. She is also an intuitive medium. In her life before children, Charity was a professional stage manager, working in theatres throughout Fairfield County. Charity is passionate about her family, career, ballet (which she began at 39 years old!), musical theatre, and her amazingly-supportive friends as she begins a new chapter in her life. She firmly believes that you are never too old to stay stuck in a situation that is causing you pain. You can follow her on Instagram at @charityferris.
A woman sitting in a rocking chair.

When a Mother Sits Down

I have words swirling around in my head all the time, mostly mock conversations between friends and co-workers or replaying my children’s antics. There was one particular day this summer (oh, let’s be real...this...

Explore Fairfield County :: Sherman

"Explore Fairfield County" is an informational series that provides a glimpse into the wonderful towns and cities in Fairfield County. Fairfield County is diverse, including big cities, small suburbs, beaches, farms, and busy highways....
Twins looking at pumpkins.

Satisfying the Curiosity: Answers to All the Twin Questions I’m Asked

I have identical twins. People stare and smile at us whenever we are out and about. And while twins aren’t really such a rare thing, even as a twin mom, I still smile at...
Calm-down spot

Managing Big Feelings: The Calm Down Spot

I don’t keep it a secret that all three kids have big personalities. They are intense, and it has always been challenging for me to manage their big feelings. Hour-long tantrums where we forgot what...
A woman holding her daughter and dog.

Are Intuitive Mediums Exempt from Grief?

As an intuitive medium, I’m often asked if we, as a group, are exempt from the grief process because we understand what is on the other side. I think it’s an interesting question to...
Two women talking and leaving out another woman.

I Don’t Have Any Mom Friends

Don’t let this title fool you. I for sure have friends who are moms, but I don’t have any “mom friends.” I consider “mom friends” to be friends you meet after you become a mom;...
Father and son dancing

The Top 5 Musicals (According to My 10-Year-Old)

Before I was a parent, I was a professional stage manager and spent every summer at a local community theatre, singing and dancing in various musicals. One of my biggest dreams was to take...
An Elf on the Shelf sitting in the Christmas tree.

Why is “The Elf on the Shelf” so Polarizing?

I’ll start by saying that I vehemently opposed to the Elf on the Shelf a few years ago. When my oldest asked if we could get one, my answer was unequivocally NO. Why would...
A mom looking at a tablet with her children.

A Letter to My Children After My Darkest Day

My dear children, I’m not sure where to begin. I know the day I snapped scared you. I slammed the door to my room, and you could hear me scream from the other side of the...
A mom talking to her daughter.

The Message Matters: A Look Back on Three Years of Stuttering

In December 2020, I wrote an article about my then-three-year-old identical twins, who had been stuttering for over a year. I was concerned because I thought they could become people who would persistently stutter...