Cindy lives in Trumbull with her husband, two active little boys (2014 and 2017), and an equally active Jack Russell. Born and raised in New Jersey, Cindy went to college out west (CU Boulder) and met her husband while living in Hoboken and working in NYC. She started in corporate fashion, left after eight years to pursue her acting career, and also worked in social media for a nonprofit. She is now a full-time mom, a member of the Wellness Committee at her sons' school, and enjoys reading and attending book club each month. She loves moving her body, especially anything active with her boys, and quieting her mind with tapping and meditation.
Boys coming off a hockey rink.

An Ode To My Boys

For the month of love, here’s a poem to my two boys and all my fellow boy moms. I’m a proud boy mom, hear me roar! Dump trucks, Magna-Tiles, and Legos galore Hockey equipment, boxer briefs, and...
An empty journal to be written in after self-reflection.

New Year! New You! New Thighs!

New year! New you! New thighs! Just kidding! I mean, honestly, how crazy can it get out there at this time of year? Don't get me wrong, I love the idea of a fresh start. A...
A woman drinking a glass of water.

Dear Alcohol, It’s Not You, It’s Me

Dear alcohol, It’s not you, it’s me. We’ve known each other since high school and shared many fun memories. We stayed close in college, though, in hindsight, I was already starting to set some boundaries with...
The sun setting by the water.

The Sun and the Moon

This time last year I had major surgery (a story for another time). While all is well now thankfully, it was a rough time in our house. Despite my best planning efforts, it felt...
A heart drawn in the sand.

Love Again

It’s a perfect fall day, bright and sunny yet slightly cool and crisp. I am nine months pregnant, counting down the last 11 days until my due date. Hospital bag packed, ready at a...
A woman paddleboarding.

Happy Place

It's quiet. I can hear my kids far away in the distance, their laughter bouncing off the water. I can see the drips landing as I lift the paddle in and out of the...
Cousins on a raft in the ocean.

The Magic of Cousins

We recently took a trip to Florida to visit family who reside in Arizona but spend their summers at the beach. My cousin’s twins are six weeks younger than my oldest son, and watching...
A woman opening her arms up in surrender.

Sweet Surrender

I find flying very relaxing, and I always have. When there’s a patch of turbulence, I tend to stay very calm even when passengers around me are growing concerned. I know at that moment, whatever...
A boy looking out the window on a rainy day.

A Gift From Mother Nature

Recently we had a rainy Saturday. What was originally planned as a double soccer/gardening day was now a washout. I showed my husband the email with glee at 10:00 p.m. that Friday night. A free...

A Glimpse

One of the many pieces of advice thrown at moms or parents is "Don't blink." Time goes so quickly, and we only have so many years watching our kids grow, time we can never...