An Ode To My Boys


For the month of love, here’s a poem to my two boys and all my fellow boy moms.

I’m a proud boy mom, hear me roar!
Dump trucks, Magna-Tiles, and Legos galore

Hockey equipment, boxer briefs, and dirty socks
Noises coming from the dryer, little pockets full of rocks

Gaga ball game at the playground, last one in so proud
Quick pause to run over to me to point out a heart-shaped cloud

So many heart-shaped leaves and wildflowers they pick just for me
How lucky can one mother be?

Riding bikes so quickly down the big hill
Screaming “Mommy, come!” after an inevitable spill

So daring, so brave, back at it again with “No hands! Mommy, look!”
Bedtime cuddles, kisses, songs, and dinosaur books

One more squeeze, or kiss, or hug as I turn out the light
The love I feel in those power hugs make all the wrongs right

Bouncing up at 6 a.m., ready to go, go, go!
From where all that energy comes, I just do not know

Rough and tumble, mighty, and so very strong
It’s so true that the years are short, but the days are long

Voices raised, brother pushing brother with all their might
Joint giggles as I helplessly try to break up another fight

It’s a world of chaos, craziness, and lots of noise
But oh, how grateful I am to have the crazy love of these two little boys!


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