Leanne is a high school English teacher with a Master’s degree in Special Education who was born, raised, and still lives in Stratford, CT. She married her husband, Chris, in 2012, and they have 3 children; Myles – born in 2013, Nora – 2015, and Bryce – 2017. Leanne and her family love to keep a busy schedule and weekends are spent at the kids’ sporting events, dance classes, or with friends. When time allows, she loves to catch up with friends, watch anything on Bravo and write about her hectic life as a mom of 3!
A tired mom.

I Am Tired

I am an Aries. I am determined, ambitious, high-energy, yet easygoing. But mostly, I’m an impulsive “yes” girl. In my life at home, as a professional, and even with my kids, there is not...
A child dancing in a chaotic living room.

Embrace the Chaos

I remember when my kids were younger, regularly thinking, I need to get through (insert infant or toddler phase), and life will surely get easier. Spoiler alert! It does not get easier. In fact, with...
A woman holding her daughter in front of a Christmas tree.

Taking Back the Holiday Season

Confession: I have never been a huge fan of the holiday season. For me, once Thanksgiving hits, it is usually straight to high-stress. I go into “I need to get things done” mode, and I...
Hands reaching for a trophy.

Raising Kids in a Competitive World

In today’s world of sports and activities for children, you eventually hit a fork in the road. Will this continue to be just for fun, or will it go to the next level? All sports...
A mom cooking on the stove while holding her toddler.

The Mundane

My alarm clock goes off this morning at 5:30 a.m., just like it does every morning. I snooze it twice until I hear my husband start to wake up for his daily morning workout....
The lazy river at the Kartrite Resort.

A Family Getaway at The Kartrite Resort

As we approach back-to-school season, it is the perfect time to think about little getaways with our kids. In our family, we like to continue summer fun on the weekends whenever possible. The perfect...
A woman raising her hands in joy as she sits at the computer.

Finding Myself Again

I'm slowly finding myself. It is easy to get lost in motherhood. For a decade, it has been all about my children. Their needs and wants come first, and while I still have a...
A woman holding her wallet and the shopping cart.

My Great Escape

We are heading out of town for a beach vacation in a week. Of course, much preparation goes into a successful vacation. I have spent the past few days making sure we have the...
A family sitting on a dock eating watermelon.

Parenting is Forever

I know I cannot possibly be the only one who rolls her eyes and feels equally stressed out by the images constantly floating around about only having eighteen summers with our kids and twelve...
A happy woman smiling and holding a cup of coffee.

Exiting Therapy

Next week, I am being discharged from therapy. I started seeing a therapist about eighteen months ago, and next week will be my last session for at least some time. Since discussing this with my...