I Am Tired


A tired mom.I am an Aries. I am determined, ambitious, high-energy, yet easygoing. But mostly, I’m an impulsive “yes” girl. In my life at home, as a professional, and even with my kids, there is not much I say no to or am not involved in. I am competitive with myself. What more can I do to outdo what I have already done? I want to add, add, add instead of taking things off my plate.

But I am tired!

I am just a little over a year away from turning 40, and I have to start saying no. There are many reasons why; it will benefit my family, allowing us more time to do things together and allowing me to be present where I want to be instead of where I need to be. I will feel way less stressed out and spread thin. To be completely transparent, I am involved in so much that there are many things I am absolutely starting to dread.

Most importantly, I can give the things I want to continue to involve myself in so much more of my energy. I believe I can be a better mom, wife, teacher, and friend if I am not feeling the pressure to do it all, all the time.

The only person I am working to impress is myself. I know that no one else cares. And, I think I am finally at the stage in life where I am content in taking on less. I do not want to be tired anymore.

Writing this is important because I am not the only mom who feels pressure to be extra involved in everything. My advice is that you will burn out if you constantly say yes to things that do not fill your cup.

It is okay to say no, sometimes, of course.


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