Fireworks at the beach.

From the festive atmosphere of New Year’s to the patriotic spirit of Independence Day, and the joyous charm of Christmas, the holidays in Fairfield County are a time for our lovely area to shine.

Fairfield County Mom is your family’s ultimate resource for all things holidays in Fairfield County. From festive parades to a wide range of activities, we’ve got you covered with everything you need to know.

Our guides and blog posts provide everything a mom in Fairfield County needs to celebrate. Discover ideas for Easter baskets, tips for successful trick or treating in the area, practicing gratitude with a thankful turkey and fun April Fools Jokes to pull on kids!

During Christmas, the holiday lights brighten up the garlands adorning Fairfield County. From the dazzling light displays of Fairfield County tree lightings to where to see Santa and where to shop local holiday gift ideas, Fairfield County Mom is every mom’s go-to resource on how to embrace the holidays, providing helpful guides, blog posts, and updates.

If it’s a holiday in Fairfield County, you can expect fun for the whole family. Whether you’re looking for St. Patrick’s Day ideas, Valentine’s Day plans, searching for the perfect spot to watch Fourth of July fireworks, or celebrating New Year’s, Fairfield County Mom has got you covered.

Who doesn't love a party? Planning parties and creative play events for my daughter has been something I've looked forward to since shortly after seeing those two pink lines. Her first birthday was easy since she wasn't walking yet,...
Happy New Year! Yup, I know it is the end of January, but it is also the Korean New Year! (As well as the more well-known Chinese New Year.) My mom immigrated here from Seoul, South Korea, when she was...
Holding hands.

Teaching Peace and Kindness

Today is the day that our nation celebrates Martin Luther King Jr. As a teacher, it is made even more special because it’s an added day that I can be home with my kids. In school, many children have...
In a few short days, we will embark on our journey to the North Pole via a steam train in Essex, CT. It will be our family's second time (first for Baby B), and I can't wait. There will...
My family carries within it a long line of cookie-bakers. We LOVE baking cookies. Christmas has always been a time when we pull out all the stops and make a bajillion platters of cookies. I remember helping my mom...
A family embracing.

Our Modern Family Christmas

As a kid, I was the only one of my friends who had to travel to see family at Christmas. Most of my friends lived within a street or two of grandparents, aunts, uncles, and in some instances, great-grandparents....
Christmas cookies on a plate.

Cookie Exchange Party

Christmas is the air!  And if you're like most people your mailbox (or inbox) has already been filled with holiday party invitations. With all the events to choose from it can be hard to find time to host something...
As I sit down to write this post, I’ve gone back and forth on whether or not I want to share this experience. On the one hand, it was terrifying and therefore feels incredibly personal. On the other, it’s...
Santa making a naughty or nice list.

The Santa List

So, we have thankfully gotten through the dreaded Thanksgiving meal (Update: Owen ate and enjoyed some plain turkey breast, along with some broccoli and a roll, while continuing to refuse mashed potatoes or anything with butter or a sauce...
Thanksgiving meal.

Thanksgiving Memories

My little guy was born on November 5, 2012, just a few weeks before Thanksgiving.  Since we knew we wouldn't want to travel with a newborn, my husband and I decided to bring the family to us- we were...

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Why You Should Take Your Family to These Pride Events

Happy Pride Month! June is a month for showing support to the LGBTQIA+ community, and Fairfield County has several events going on. I choose...
Summer cocktails.

Cheers to Summer ’24