April Fool’s Day Jokes to Pull On Your Kids


Two boys pouring syrup into a shoe.It’s almost April, so April Fool’s Day is on the horizon. I’ve not been much for pulling fast ones over my children in the past, but that will change this year. We all need some good laughs. I neglected this fun holiday for most of my adult life because I played a mean April Fool’s Day prank on my mom when I was young. I told her my little brother fell in our pool, under the cover. She panicked. I vowed never again. Keep it fairly nice, and we are good, ok?

Here are several April Fool’s Day jokes to pull on your kids.

For the Littles 

  • Make Jello with an action figure or favorite toy in it
  • Put googly eyes on their juice box, milk carton, applesauce
  • Hide fake worms or crickets around their room
  • Tape a picture of their favorite TV character under the toilet seat lid

For Elementary Age 

  • Make cake pops but use a Brussels sprout instead of cake
  • Tape a fake bug on the inside of their lampshade
  • Fill a donut box with sliced veggies instead of donuts
  • Switch the bags inside cereal boxes

Pranks For Over 12 Crowd 

  • Hide one of each shoe
  • Fill an empty orange juice container with water and Mac and cheese powder
  • Put lotion on their door knob so they can’t open it
  • Stuff tissues in the toes of their shoes so they won’t fit
  • Change their alarm clock for a half hour earlier

I would love to hear your great April Fool’s Day jokes!


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