The Cure to My Postpartum Hair Woes


postpartum hair

Okay, mamas, let’s talk postpartum hair. If you’re lucky, maybe you escaped this. Or maybe if you’re even luckier your hair texture changed for the better. However if you’re anything like me, my hair has been a total disaster since the birth of my daughters 3 1/2 years ago. The addition of my third a few months ago has only made things worse.

My once straight, low-maintenance hair is now thick, frizzy, and there are colicky regrowths everywhere. My husband affectionately refers to them as my “wings.” Not my best look. Especially at preschool drop off in the morning. The only way for it to look halfway decent is to shower, fully blow-dry it, and then take a straightener to it, a process that can take me up to an hour. And let’s be real, who honestly has that time for haircare in the morning. I certainly do not. 

I’ve tried everything to control my hair. Special shampoos, leave-in conditioners, hydrating oils, hair vitamins, you name it, but nothing up until now has seemed to help. 

Enter: The Brazilian Blowout. 

Ladies, this has been a game-changer!

After a lot of research, about three weeks ago I went and received my first “Brazilian Blowout” treatment. The entire process took approximately 90 minutes. The stylist began the process by washing my hair and then applied the treatment. After it was applied, she blow-dried and straightened my hair. I was instructed to keep the treatment in my hair for approximately 2 to 3 days and then wash it out with just conditioner. Going forward from there I could keep my normal hair routine, but was advised to not wash everyday as to strip the treatment. Not a problem on this end. (Side note: I’m jealous if you have time to wash your hair everyday). According to the stylist it should straighten and smooth my hair, lasting approximately four to five months. 

I was skeptical, but hopeful. I followed the stylists instructions and washed it after a few days. And guess what? My hair ACTUALLY air dried straight and smooth. No frizz, no colicks or fly-aways. Almost three weeks later, my hair has stayed pretty much the same. I almost feel 25 again…well with one third of the sleep and twenty pounds heavier.

I hope that if you are struggling with postpartum hair like me, this article has helped a bit. The price tag on the treatment is a bit pricey but in my humble opinion it’s reasonable and worth it if it truly lasts the 4-5 months.

Is this the cure to my postpartum hair woes? I’ll keep you updated!

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