How To Date From Home


dating at-home

Social distancing? Big deal, this is now our norm all day every day. I know it’s hard, I know I know, but let’s try to make a new normal. Let’s continue to build, strengthen, and enjoy relationships with our spouse, partner, and even your kids.

Here are a few ideas for at-home dating.

Have a cook-off challenge or simply cook together.

Plan a meal together, assign the appetizer to one person, and the main course to the other. Judge each other on presentation, taste, and originality. This can be your own Chopped battle.

Make a movie marathon list/ TV series.

We all have a friend who would not stop talking about a TV series, now is the time to check it out. Or maybe your partner has a favorite show you have never seen. You can finally check it out to see what caught their interest.

Dress up for a cocktail party at home.

Make use of all those spirits and make cocktails and play background music. Spark up some conversation and have a chill night. 

Try at-home Karaoke.

If you have kids, some creativity would be needed for this one. Take it to the basement or wait until they are in a deep sleep. (If you have no kids, take it away!).

Work together on a puzzle or play a board game together.

You can purchase a puzzle online or put out an add on Facebook and see if anyone wants to get rid of one. You can have a date day with your kids, set a time, or a reoccurring day this new routine could be something we all look forward to.

Write little notes to each other.

Working from home or being at home all day still allows the mind to wonder. If you think of something sweet (even corny), you can write a note, send a text or email. Let them know you are thinking of them, putting a smile on their faces in the process. 

Create an activity list or jar.

Write down what it is that you would like to do. Once or twice per week, anyone can do a draw/pick to see what the activity for the day/night will be.

Teach each other a new skill.

Have you ever wondered how your partner knows how to make cookies or brownies? Or maybe you can share your gardening skills. Work as a team and share your talents.

Wine night in bed.

Stop by your local liquor store, order a wine sampling box, or do an online order. Find out more about Connecticut Vineyards or buying US-based vineyard wines. 

Eat take out by candlelight.

This is your chance to support our local small business. Let’s help them stay alive during this time so that when we are at the end of this, we can make a big deal of physically going out to our favorite restaurants. 

Watch your favorite singer/concert from home.

Netflix has some music documentaries and concerts worth checking out. Your favorite artists are doing concerts LIVE from your couch. This is a great way to plan/book a date night event, who knows this may be a surprise gift. 

Make your own dessert night.

Cookies, cakes, or maybe even an ice cream sandwich…tasty treats are always a delicious way to connect with one another. If you are a master baker, then you can go all out. Baking is not my jam, so I know I will be keeping it simple.

Enjoy a picnic on the floor.

The living room floor, bedroom floor, a screened-in porch, or in your backyard. Any place will do!

Date night does not have to wait until the weekend. This is the time to be creative about the time you spend together. And please remember to schedule some “me” time for everyone in your household too. We have to maintain our sanity after all.

What idea do you think you will try first? What have you been doing at home to continue having special moments together?


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