Like a Dream: My Weekend Driving the Volvo XC90

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Upon driving home with our weekend Volvo XC90 T5 AWD Momentum, my son exclaimed, “It’s like a dream”! His initial reaction to the car was completely accurate.

I brought my last new car home in 2016. I learned I was pregnant with twins right about the same time. That set of twins plus my daughter meant I would have three children in two years. The new car was returned six months later for a pre-owned minivan. Flash forward, I have an almost 7-year-old and 5-year-old twins; could anything other than a minivan work for us? I was excited to find out!

This car is BEAUTIFUL!

When I became a twin mom, I started to notice other sets of twins. When I became a Volvo driver, I noticed a ton of Volvo’s on the road. I especially noticed a significant amount on my trip down Route 7 from Danbury to Riley Volvo Cars Stamford. This car truly is the car of the Fairfield County Mom!

This car is SMART!

The XC90’s display told me what road I was on at all times. It monitored my speed and notified me if I was in a school zone or other special circumstances like a do not pass sign on its 12.3-inch digital driver display.

Music is a must with kids in the car, and we often stream music through Amazon. The car’s smartphone integration with Apple Carplay was perfect! It pulled up apps I could easily access on its expansive display.As a real estate agent, I spend lots of time in my car. I need it to be fully functional and comfortable to sit in for long days of driving. I spent one day in the Volvo showing homes around Northern Fairfield County. The built-in navigation quickly pulled up my next destination, calculated the best route, and provided audio and visual directions on the center and driver’s displays.

This car is SAFE!

The most critical aspect of choosing a car for my family is safety. The list of safety features in the XC90 goes on and on. The crystal clear quality of the sizeable reverse camera made parking a cinch. I don’t consider myself the best at parking, but I was easily able to reverse into any spot with the parking lines displayed.

While backing out of my parking spot at the supermarket, the cross-traffic alert notified me that a car was crossing behind me.

My eyes have been showing their age, and driving at night sometimes seems uncomfortable. The bright LED headlights made a world of difference in illuminating my night drive.

The back row contains an integrated center booster seat that conforms to all applicable federal motor vehicle safety standards. My daughter loved being able to sit between her brother and sister, and I can imagine that it’s the perfect feature for an impromptu play date or ride home from extracurricular activities with a friend.

The Volvo XC90 performed perfectly as a family car and a work car. I was surprised how well it held my family of five and all of the things we bring along with us.

Beautiful, smart, and safe – driving the Volvo XC90 was definitely like a dream!


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Jamie is a mom to a daughter (2014) and boy/girl twins (2016). She was born and raised in Westchester County, NY and together with her husband (married in 2011), made Danbury, CT their hometown. Jamie is a real estate agent with William Raveis Real Estate. In the present day, more than ever before, “home” is an essential and safe place in an ever-changing world. Helping clients achieve their homeownership goals, searching for the home that’s “just right,” or helping them move on from a home that no longer serves them drives Jamie in her real estate career. Home for Jamie is Northern Fairfield County, and she never gets tired of spending time in the community with her family, visiting her favorite parks, and exploring local shops and restaurants. Jamie can be found on the Peloton leaderboard at 6:30 every morning, which fuels her long days of work and momming. Morning workouts are as athletic as she gets, and her favorite thing is tucking her children in at night and catching up on whatever show she is streaming. As much as she loves staying in, she doesn’t pass up a night out with her childhood girlfriends or a date night with her hubby. 


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