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Imagine this: you are on the hunt for school supplies. You are standing in the aisle with your three children; one is knocking over stacks of index cards, one is begging to go to the snack aisle, and the baby is screaming out of boredom. It’s stressful, and you are trying your best to decipher between the 1” heavy poly binder, 1” heavy poly binder with pockets, and 1” view vinyl binder. We’ve all been there, wondering how on earth they named each of these specific folders, notebooks, and binders. Why is it so difficult? I’m with you; I’d rather be enjoying my last few days of summer at the beach, not searching for school supplies!

Here’s where EPI comes in! EPI has been helping schools and parent groups with prepackaged school supplies since 1979 and is the No. 1 provider in the nation. With EPI, parents can avoid the hassle of school supply shopping and buy everything all at once online! When parent groups and schools sign up to participate in the program, they work with EPI to finalize the list of items and brands for their grade level packs. Parents then buy packages on the EPI website or offline from the school. The packs are created and shipped directly to the school for the start of the school year!

EPI also offers a school-year guarantee on all products; if an item is defective or doesn’t meet quality standards, they will replace it for free.

I was recently given the opportunity to try EPI products. What I love is that you have the chance to choose between name-brand items or house brand items that are more affordable. School supply shopping at national retailers can be expensive – EPI packs help save parents up to 40% on supplies. It came packaged securely and was very simple to open! My four-year-old daughter ripped through the plastic easily, and each piece was in great shape.

How would I describe the EPI products and processes? Convenient, high-quality, easy, user-friendly, time-saving, simple, and straight-forward. I have three children, who all require school supplies, and this service is invaluable to me! I don’t have time to worry about the specific type of pencil, measurement of paper, or color of scissors! If they are delivered to me, all I have to do is happily label the items and throw them in their backpack for the first day of school!

Timing is a significant consideration! A successful school sale will run for at least six weeks (April 10- June 14). They do offer a late order window from June 16- July 7, but late orders can be subject to substitution or items unavailable. The best part is that if a parent misses the sale at the school (new student, forgets, ect.), they can order directly from EPI from July 8 – October 1! EPI is so confident you’ll love their services, they’re giving away free packs to readers who sign up for more information! To enter to win a grand prize of more than 100 arts and crafts supplies (valued at $250) or secondary kit prizes valued at $50, simply click here and fill out your information.

The bottom line is that EPI helps parents save time and money, teachers can teach more effectively, students will be prepared to learn, and schools will be more valued by their parents! EPI offers free marketing tools and supports you throughout the entire process of running a school supply sale. If you are a member of a PTA or a parent of a student at a school, sign up now to take advantage of EPI’s school supply program!

To receive more information about how you can bring EPI to your school, click here to request a free quote and say “goodbye” to the days of supply shopping stress.


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