Safe and Sleek: Why the Volvo XC90 is a Perfect Family Ride

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Moms rarely put themselves first. Every decision they make is based on what is best for their children. Protecting said children drives the majority of those decisions.

What if moms could sit back and drive in luxury while they protect their children? What if moms could reduce the number of decisions they make on a daily basis simply by pushing some buttons? That would be a dream come true, right? Well, moms, if you want this dream actualized, head over to Riley Volvo Cars Stamford to check out an XC90.

Truth be told, I’ve always been drawn to the XC90s on the highway and in parking lots. They are such beautiful-looking cars! A few years back, I remember driving an XC90 for the first time, and I was blown away! I was oohing and aahing at all the magical features! With just one click, the car turns on. With another click, it is shifted to drive. Click again, and you can switch from the GPS to the radio or the 360-degree camera!

One-touch entry to unlock the doors? Yes, please. Automatic Bluetooth pairing? Check. Cordless charging station? Wow, what a modern convenience!

And I haven’t even mentioned any of the safety features that leave you feeling so protected and secure! The navigation alerts on the dashboard and the side view mirrors put me at ease. The lane-keeping aid, parking assistance, seatbelt alarm, and cameras are other attributes that leave you feeling so assured!

This is the perfect family vehicle! My family consists of a very tall husband, an elementary school child still in a booster seat, and two other very tall children. The three-row seating was perfect for everyone. My tall husband had more than enough legroom, the built-in booster seat came in handy, and the big kids happily took over the third row! There’s even an alert on the dashboard that beeps and blinks if a kid unbuckles while the car is in motion!

The crowd favorite, though? The panoramic sunroof stretches across all three rows, letting every passenger enjoy the sky’s natural beauty!

Volvo, as a brand, prides itself on being family-friendly, and the This is the perfect family vehicle. Riley Volvo Cars Stamford, a family-owned business, prides itself on making families feel welcome. In the showroom, Annie’s cookies and crackers sit beside a variety of K-cup flavors. They even have a special waiting room for kids! A simple touch that goes a long way.

Moms, next time you’re looking for a car, look no further than Riley Volvo Cars Stamford. Grab a cup of coffee and drive off in a beautiful Volvo XC90!

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