The End of the School Year Frenzy


Two students racing down the school stairs.The end of the school year can bring many activities and commitments for all families. I am constantly driving all over town, picking up and dropping off my children at practice and other after-school activities. Trying to keep up with each child and what day of the week it is can be a challenge. As the end of the school year approaches, it only becomes busier for us

My backseat is littered with water bottles, empty wrappers, crumbs, and school papers. 

Along with the normal week-to-week activities comes the end of the school year fun and events. For most, there may be school talent shows, plays, dance recitals, and the list continues. I like to refer to this as “the end of the school year frenzy.” This very exciting time begins in April and runs non-stop through the last day of school.

On top of the end of the year activities, I also have a daughter graduating from elementary school. I feel old. I am on the fifth grade committee and have helped plan numerous events these past few weeks. Behind the scenes, people do not realize the effort involved. It takes work to find volunteers. Some of these activities are hard to find people for as it usually involves supervising ten and 11-year-olds at dodge ball games, rock climbing, and chorus rehearsals. But the show must go on. We have accomplished bonfires, field trips, karaoke night, fifth grade breakfasts, and more in the past weeks!

This school year has been hectic for my family. It feels as if we have jammed in many missed activities into the last couple of months of the school year. 

I am thankful for certain social media and the many school emails that have kept me in the know. Some people do not like all the emails, but I welcome them. They are reminders and help me stay on track through the end of the school year. The emails and social posts are also good reminders for my husband too. He attempts to keep in the loop to know what days he needs to work from home or be home early from the office. 

The end of the school year is bittersweet. It is exhausting but fun for my children and me. Committing all the driving and saying “yes” to the events has made my children have an exhilarating year-end. They are thriving, and I love seeing the happy faces on them. I am letting them attend so many activities in and out of school, and life is normal again. But, I am looking forward to rest and relaxation this summer before the school mayhem begins and we are in back-to-school season!

How does your family manage the end of the school year frenzy?


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