Summer Beauty Hack: Eyelash Lift and Tint



I don’t know about you, but during the summer months I like to give my beauty routine a rest and go “Au Naturale.”  

With the heat and humidity, the chlorine and saltwater, and constantly running after sweaty kids, my hair and skin don’t always get the love they deserve. One look in the mirror and I start to see the wear and tear that the summer sun has on my skin and hair. This is why I decided to give myself a little love and try out one of the newest beauty trends – an eyelash lift and tint. If my hair is always going to be up in a bun and my skin is going makeup-less, at least I can have long, dark lashes to compliment my summer tan.

Eyelash lifts and tints are not like eyelash extensions. I have heard so many horror stories about eyelash extensions that I have never been interested in enduring those risks. The eyelash lift is simply lifting your existing eyelashes and then tinting them – sort of like a perm and dye job for your lashes! The results are longer and more defined eyelashes – your own eyelashes! The lash tint also means not having to wear mascara to the beach and pool, a total plus in my book. For me, even if I have no makeup on, if my lashes are on point, I feel more polished and put together. So I decided to take advantage of a summer deal and see what all of the hype was about.

I was initially a little scared about sitting for 45 minutes with my eyes glued shut, but that was not what the experience was like at all. I had the treatment done at Versailles Medical Spa.The process itself did take a little longer than 45 minutes. It started with the aesthetician choosing a pad to go underneath my lashes so that they could be curled up. The pad was placed under my lashes with glue (just like the kind they use for fake eyelashes), and then the lashes were brushed up to get them perfectly curled. After this, they applied the curling solution, which is the perm part! The solution stayed on for about 10 minutes. It was completely painless and I sat there with my eyes closed with a warm towel placed over them.

After this, the aesthetician applied a neutralizer so that the curling process would stop and my lashes could calm down. This stayed on the lashes again for 10 minutes. During this break, I received a hand and arm massage, which was amazing! Once the lift was complete, the pad and the glue were removed and my eyes were carefully cleaned. This part was nice and soothing.

The last step once the lift was complete was the tint. A vegetable-based dye was applied to my lashes and kept on for another 10 minutes. This was the only uncomfortable part of the whole process for me. I did feel a little stinging after the dye was put on. I was assured that this was normal and usually only occurs the first or second time you have the tint done. The stinging is more from trying to keep your eyes shut for so long! At the end of the process, my eyes were washed out with water and cucumbers were placed on them to soothe everything. This part was my favorite – it felt amazing!


The entire process took about an hour. By the end, my eyes were a bit red but that went away within 10 minutes. I was impressed by how curled and how much darker my lashes looked. In fact, I could feel my lashes touching my eyelid after the treatment! A lash lift is not like extensions where you have super full lashes in the end, its simply a lift of your own, natural lashes, making for a more subtle look overall. I did get compliments in the days after the lift and I wake up looking like I have mascara and a little eyeliner on, without having to do any work, which I love.  Below is a before and after pic where you can see the added amount of curl and darkness from the lift and tint.


All in all, I am happy with the results of the lash lift and tint. As the days go on, I am loving it even more and I am sure that I will go again in six weeks when the tint wears off. It’s just another part of my already expanding beauty routine, but one I think is worth the time and money.

Her are a few other places in Fairfield County to get a lash lift:

Lash Brown Center, Wilton

Nash’s Lashes by Judy, Westport

Pure Beauty, Stamford 

Benefit Boutique, Greenwich

Posh Spa, Darien, Westport

What do you think? Have your tried a lash lift and tint?


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