Fairfield County Target Locations to Offer Shopping Addiction Therapy


Target shopping addictions are widespread across Fairfield County and beyond. Even Kim Holderness opened up last week about her STD (Shopping at Target Disorder). Target locations within Fairfield County have started to take notice of the masses of moms wandering aimlessly around their stores, putting random items in their cart, spending a lot of money, and then leaving the store without even purchasing the items that they really needed.

These stores have announced that they will begin to offer therapy to local moms to help them stay focused on their shopping lists and decrease impulse buys. The therapy sessions will be held at the Starbucks store inside of each Target. Moms will be given a latte, their children will supplied with cake pops and the moms will be tasked with walking the perimeter of the store and coming to the checkout counter with only three items that total under $25. The therapy is only intended for the most severe of cases and Target has said that an unintended consequence of the therapy might be an increased love for Target and they take no responsibility for this.

Happy April Fool’s Day!

Let’s be real, nothing can stop our Target shopping addiction and we don’t want to stop! For more shopping, you can read some of our favorite places to shop and some shopping tips.

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