A Letter To My Dog Upon Baby’s Arrival


Dear Dog,

I know you know what’s coming. We’ve been through this once before. Before the arrival of my son, you were my baby. You came with me everywhere, got hour-long cuddle and tummy rub sessions on the couch, and ruled my Instagram account with pictures of your sweet, furry face.

Then, the baby came. You were very curious and even optimistic, I think, at the idea of another cuddle buddy, since he obviously smelled like one of the pack. But all he did was throw stuff and smell bad and take all of my attention away. The Insta feed became all about the baby, and no amount of sunbathing, tricks, or snow mustaches earned you a place in my Stories.

You thought things would calm down once the baby became more mobile. Once puppies wean off their mothers’ milk, they’re pretty much self-reliant, but humans are different, and instead of letting the toddler do his own thing, he required even more of my attention to make sure he wasn’t harming himself (or you!). 

And then he started school. My lap once again became available for cuddling and scratching sessions, and things were finally starting to return to normal.

But you know what’s coming. As you look at me and cuddle up to my swollen belly, I see the understanding in your sweet doggy eyes. We’ll be starting all over again with a new baby, and she’s going to need all of my attention for a while. And you’re not getting any younger and need medication twice a day. What’s going to happen?

You will always be my first baby. Although the cuddle sessions might be fewer in the next coming months, you taught me so many things about how to be a mother in your own puppyhood. I’m hoping this baby will be slightly calmer than the last one, for your own sake, but know that I always have your back, and never let either of the tiny humans pull your fur or scratch your eyes or tug your tail. And once the baby moves into her crib, you will return to sleeping right by my side, where you belong.

You will never be replaced, my furry baby. Just like I tell my son, my heart grows bigger to make room for more love with each child, and that means more love for you, too!

But sorry that my Insta feed is gonna be all head bows and tutus for the foreseeable future.




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