Me, Myself, and I {Making myself a Priority}


priorityAs moms we have so many roles day to day and many (too many probably) responsibilities. We need to make sure our children are clothed, somewhat clean, taken care of, fed, and the list goes on and on. Not to mention being a wife and maintaining a household. But what about us? What about our needs and our priorities as a woman, as a person?!

I find myself putting my needs aside for everyone else in my house more and more. For example, if my kids are sick or need to go to the doctor, I’m on the phone making their appointment for the earliest time slot available. However, I don’t usually call for myself. I finally went to the doctor for a pain in my foot, after walking on it for three weeks! It was so bad I ended up needing a walking boot. If I had made myself a priority I might not have been walking around with a new accessory on my foot for the last four weeks. 

Even the small things, make a huge difference for me. I want to feel like a person and not simply a slave in my own house with two miniature dictators. I have started to take the time to make MY breakfast. Yes this is after the children are fed and my hubby has left for work. I now make the effort to make a filling and satisfying breakfast for myself.

I also have been making an effort to sit down and eat lunch like a normal human being. Typically I would grab some sort of leftover from the fridge and continue doing whatever needed to be done in the short time my daughter is napping. Now, I will take my lunch and sit at the kitchen table (that’s what it’s for right?) or outside on our deck to enjoy the last few summer-like days we’ve been having. It’s these short times during my day that rejuvenate me and allow me to be a better mom and wife for the rest of the day. 

In addition to the little things during the day, I’ve been making it a priority to spend time with my Tribe. An amazing group of women are my go to for anything from issues with my children, husband issues, or simply for a good laugh. They keep me sane during the week and I make it a priority to spend time with them. It could be a quick cup of coffee before pick up at school or at our wine-down on Friday afternoons. These have become a priority for me because I know they make me a better person overall. 

Ladies, I’m telling you, it doesn’t take much but try putting yourself as a priority. It could be as simple as enjoying your cup of coffee in the morning to visiting a spa to pamper yourself for a few hours! Put yourself at the top of the list occasionally and see how you feel. That small (or big) mental break can change the outlook on an entire day. You are worth it mama, make yourself a priority.

How do you show self care? Share in the comments below?



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