One Evening with Elisabeth F. {A Photo Essay Series}


“One Evening” is a photo essay series that provides a sneak peek into the everyday lives of the Fairfield County Moms Blog contributors. The evening routine is photographed by Anna-Liisa Nixon Photography and words are written by each mom to tell the story behind the images. It’s a rare and intimate look into each family’s life, one evening at a time.

Whether you follow us on IG, FB, or we are friends in real life (IRL), you know that my husband and I live a fairly unstructured, hippy lifestyle. We are also best friends. So, when local photographer, Anna-Liisa Nixon, arrived to photograph our one evening series, I was a bit worried. Since we don’t live by a schedule or organized activities, I was concerned about what we would offer in terms of interest to document. Boy was I mistaken. And not because we are particularly interesting, but because Anna-Liisa has a true talent for capturing the sweetest and most honest moments.

A Foley Affair

My husband and I have a mantra, “You and Me, Let’s Go.” Since the day we met and fell in love, all we have ever needed is each other. It continues on in our dedication to our family being our number one priority. We call it #afoleyaffair.

Our evening routine starts around dinner time. I work from home full time and my husband does occasionally. When we are home together it’s a special day. We carve out time here and there to spend with the kiddos, but dinner time is when we really take a step back from the computers and roll up our sleeves…to EAT THEIR FOOD, of course. Because let’s be honest, 90% of the time their dinners are left untouched, and we scrounge like vultures eating the leftovers. 

Dinner Time

Foley 500

It started out as a joke until it turned into reality. Our home imploded two years ago, and so we embarked on a forced, full-scale renovation. The upside is that we were able to do things, such as open up the floor plan, that would have otherwise been cost-prohibitive. As the carpenters were framing the new layout, my husband stated, “Congratulations! You’ve now constructed their very own race track!” I laughed it off, assuring him that wouldn’t be the case, but alas every evening, post-dinner, the entire first floor turns into the Foley 500. All because I had to get rid of the dead ends. Cheers to burning off some of that energy!

Foley 500

It's Okay!Family Fun Time

And when we just can’t take the running and screaming anymore, it’s time to pour ourselves a cocktail and head outside. We’ve narrowed down the essentials for a successful evening of play:

1) A tasty cocktail and shatterproof cup. Only the best for playtime!

2) A playset, offering hours of adult-free entertainment. Think I’m kidding? See that bench?! 

3) Bubbles. On a windy day your kids will run themselves ragged chasing them around the yard, thank you #coolamy!

4) Kiddie transportation, such as big wheels, trikes, bikes, scooters, electric cars, for YOU and THEM!


Playset Fun



See Ya Later!


Vroooom!You may be wondering why I’m driving the children’s car. Well, the answer’s quite simple, really. Each evening when they carelessly ditch it in the yard, it has become my duty to return the car to the garage. Namely because my husband has decided that it’s easier than him dragging it across the yard. We’ve turned it into a game, now. He sets up obstacles, challenges me to park it in the garage, execute tight three point turns, etc. No, really. This is our life. Welcome, to a Foley affair. 

Watch Out!

A Foley Affair

Images for this project are captured by Anna-Liisa Nixon Photography. Anna-Liisa specializes in documentary family photography and loves capturing the real, silly, weird, and tender moments of childhood. She captures that blur of motherhood — the laughter and tears, the real moments and connections, and the unique rhythm of a family. To learn more, visit her website and follow her on Facebook and Instagram.

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