The Power of Salt Air


The smell of salt air is something that instantly brings me joy.

Low tide is another story, but still, that briny sea air is something that I have loved forever. I am so lucky to have been going to Cape Cod all my life, and something about getting over the Sagamore or Bourne Bridge instantly changes my mood! 

My family has been enjoying the Cape long before I was born and have spent the majority of our time in Orleans, on the Lower Cape. As a kid, the three-ish hour drive from Central Connecticut used to feel like torture. My brother and I used to pass the time playing games like punch buggy or in my grandmother’s trunk. While it isn’t my favorite part of getting away, I can now appreciate that peace and relaxation await after the treacherous I-95 Connecticut traffic!  

My husband and I got married on the Cape in 2015, and having all our favorite people together in our favorite place was so special. We always told friends about the magic of Cape Cod. I’ve always told them, “The air is just different.” 

There’s nothing better than a cocktail on the beach and watching the seals come and go through the waves. Though I have yet to have a shark sighting, I always have my eagle eye on the water in hopes of catching an elusive gray fin. 

My favorite thing is waking early and heading for a walk to catch the sunrise. Something about the start of the day, in pure silence, with only the sound of the waves, sets my soul at ease. 

Sunrise on Nauset Beach

During the most stressful seasons in life, there is nothing a weekend away with that magical salt air can’t fix.


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