Sex During Pregnancy


sex during pregnancyAre you pregnant? Feeling tired and perhaps sick? You may feel more like running to the bathroom than the bedroom. Maybe sex during pregnancy is not on top of your priority list. But some women do feel “in the mood,” and it may also be tough to avoid any sexual activity in the next 40 weeks.

My Personal Experience

For myself, I have to admit it depends on the trimester I am navigating through. For the first half of my pregnancy, I felt like I had a constant stomachache and would run to the bathroom at the smell of peanut butter or chicken. In addition to feeling sick, every single part of my body was undergoing growth or change. Pregnancy can be beautiful, but also pretty gross!

Now that I am in my third trimester, my main concern is staying pregnant and letting this baby continue growing in the womb till 40 weeks (or close to). And the thought of any other action down south is a big no-no for me!

It is normal for some women not to feel attractive or sexy during pregnancy. This is true for me. I have to admit, not being able to see below or around my belly definitely has made me not in the mood for any sexual activity.

What Others Are Saying

“Yes, bring on the sex! Let’s do this every day during my pregnancy until the baby comes out!”

“Please leave me alone for the next nine months! Thank you!”

“I have had some of the best sex while I was pregnant!”

“I love sex while pregnant! I have had the best orgasms and feel a sexiness that radiates from me when I am carrying a child.”

Toys and Vibrators

Yes, absolutely! No need to leave out any of your favorite bedroom toys. Sex toys and vibrators are known to be safe during pregnancy. They will not hurt the precious baby that is growing inside of you. As a rule of thumb, you should make sure they are clean before use (and after) to make sure you reduce any risk of infection. I would suggest you always consult with your doctor on any specific questions. 

Safety of Baby

Having sex during pregnancy is completely safe. It is very healthy to engage in sex, and it will not harm the baby. There are concerns that the penis will reach the baby. This is not the case. The baby is protected by the amniotic sac of fluid, and the muscles around the uterus help seal the cervix with the mucus plug. Your baby is safe and sealed up, which helps protect them from infection. 

I do recommend you consult with your physician with any questions or concerns. Every woman is different.

What are your thoughts about sex during pregnancy? 


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