The Lazy Mom’s Guide to Fairfield County {drive-through and curbside pickup options}


drive-throughWe’ve all been there. You’re dying for a coffee, but the daunting task of unstrapping your squirming toddler from their car seat stops you. You really need a last-minute present for this afternoon’s latest birthday party circuit, but the thought of popping into a toy store with the child you are decidedly not buying the toy for is terrifying. Enter the drive-through.

Moms with kids in car seats get it. As a busy mom who is always on the go, solo with kids in tow, I am a huge fan of drive-through or curbside pickup options. Whether it is for groceries, coffee, or whatever life throws at you, here are some of the convenient “stay in your car” options that Fairfield County has to offer.


Fortunately for the exhausted parent, there are a variety of drive-through coffee options in Fairfield County. Dunkin’ Donuts and Starbucks have various locations offering drive-through or curbside pickup options. You can click the links above to check out the closest one to you and see their options. If you are in Fairfield, check out Doughnut Inn, a favorite drive-through spot. Or, Donut Delight in Norwalk and Stamford. Most fast food options also have hot or iced coffee on their menus.

If you want to venture out of Fairfield County, Heav’nly Donuts in Derby and Seymour also has delicious drive-through coffee!


Fairfield County has a variety of fast-food drive-through options. You can click the link below to find the drive-through location closest to you.

There are a few other options available if you are looking for a drive-through option but don’t necessarily want fast food. Check out the drive-throughs at The Greeks in Shelton, Tomlinson’s in Bridgeport, and Cricket Car Hop in Stratford. 

*Listed above are “dedicated” drive-through facilities. However, most restaurants at this point offer curbside pickup options when ordering. 


Especially post-COVID, almost every grocery store in Fairfield County offers curbside pickup (and delivery) for groceries. Stop and Shop, Shop Rite, Big Y, Aldi, Whole Foods, and Stew Leonard’s all offer curbside pickup options for customers, and several offer delivery through Instacart. Now can we get Trader Joe’s on this train please?


If there is one positive thing that COVID has given us, it has been the emergence of curbside pickup at most big chain stores. Last-minute gift? Diaper run? Easy. Though it requires some planning (as opposed to the simple drive-through), you still don’t have to leave your car! 

Target, Walmart, CVS, and Walgreens offer dedicated drive-up pickup options you can schedule online. However, I would venture to say that with a quick call, most businesses will have no problem running a pre-paid item out to your car. 

What drive-through or delivery services do you use to make your life easier?


  1. Sanitary Cleaners on Westport Ave in Norwalk is a drive thru dry cleaners. Genius! There are at least four other dry cleaners within a mile but I used them exclusively. Sleeping toddler? It’s a no brainer.

  2. I am so happy to announce we have opened a Dairy Barn -like store in Stamford at 1110 E. Main Street! This store is a drive-through and we sell Chock Full of Nuts gourmet freshly ground and brewed coffee, all dairy, bread, eggs, snacks, chips, groceries, ice etc. Come on through. Week of 4/4 we will be doing free small coffee!


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