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The holidays are over, and moms everywhere are back at it, managing kids, jobs, and family life, ever in search of that elusive balance. It’s January, and we aren’t just thinking about what the kids are doing for the winter – we are thinking about summer too! But the options are overwhelming, and how do we plan for kids, tweens, or teens, all of whom have different needs and interests? 

I’m Jen Cippoletti, Darien mom of three and the Connecticut advisor for Tips on Trips and Camps. I’m here to help you plan an unforgettable summer for your child! 

What is Tips on Trips and Camps?

Tips on Trips and Camps, founded in 1971, is a free advisory service connecting families to overnight summer programs. We represent over 600 such programs, including traditional and specialty camps (sports, creative/performing arts, STEM, sailing, fishing, etc.), travel (adventure, service, cultural/language immersion, tours), gap year programs, special needs, and academic enrichment.  

Our goal is to suggest appropriate programs and help parents distinguish among them to select the one that is right for their child.  Through interviews with directors, personal visits to the programs in action, and feedback from recent participants, we provide a wealth of information to families. We consistently and carefully monitor our programs to ensure high standards and to be able to make informed recommendations. Our service is free of charge to families – as compensation, we receive a commission from programs when a student enrolls.

How does the process work?

I start with a quick phone call to learn more about each child, what he or she is interested in doing over the summer, the type of environment he or she would be most comfortable in, your goals for your child’s summer, budget, and other parameters. Once I know a bit more, I send you some recommendations, along with website links and camp/program descriptions. I can also answer questions about the programs, connect you with directors, and help you narrow down the list to find the best fit.

Why work with Tips on Trips and Camps?

Maybe you aren’t sure if your child is ready for a sleepaway camp or program. Perhaps you aren’t sure if YOU are prepared for your child to be away from home. Maybe you have Googled “camp” and are overwhelmed by the options. Perhaps a friend swears that her child’s camp is best, but you don’t know if it’s really the right choice for your child. My job is to help you throughout the process and alleviate all of these concerns.  

Do you have a child who loves to sail? A budding chef? One who loves to tinker and build? Do you have a teenager who loves fashion? One who wants to protect elephants, turtles, or polar bears? There is a summer program for every kid and every possible interest. I want to give you the best possible recommendations to meet the needs of your unique child. We wait all year for summer, so why not make 2020 the best one yet!

Jen Cippoletti | Fairfield County | [email protected] | 203.247.8204

Michele Minick | Westchester | [email protected] | 914.939.2441 


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