Vacation in a Jar


vacation in a jarJust a couple of short years ago, my life was forever changed by the tiny person who made his way into it. I wasn’t naive enough to think that nothing in my life would change after having a baby, in fact, I was certain that things would change. But as our family has grown, I have eagerly accepted these changes and embraced the positivity of a growing family.  

Like most moms I know, I daydreamed about all of the memories we’d make as a family and the traditions we’d start. So, I thought I’d share one of my favorite family traditions, one we started once my son was born!

I love to travel {my husband, not so much, but he’ll indulge me once in a while}. Add a kiddo to the mix and it adds a whole extra level of complexity! I, however, have always been determined to keep our travel adventures as un-complex as possible. So, once I can actually convince my husband to leave the house, I want us to have a way to capture the memories of our trip.

As a way to remember our special trips, we create a Vacation in a Jar!

Right before we jaunt off to explore the world, I purchase an empty spice jar from Bed, Bath, and Beyond. While on our vacation, we gather something that can fit into the jar, like sand or shells. The something in the jar represents the special places we’ve visited and where we’ve made memories as a family.  

I stick a label on the outside of the jar with the location and dates of the trip and proudly display them on a shelf in our living room where I can look at them and remember all of the fun that was had during each trip, as well as think about how much my son has grown since our first trip to Mystic, CT when he was just two months old. When family and friends ask about the jars, it makes me happy to explain their purpose and I get to reminisce about the special family vacations we’ve had.

I love this family tradition and can’t wait for our next trip! Who knows where we’ll end up next!

What are some of your favorite family traditions?

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Meet Amy, our founder, and co-owner of Fairfield County Moms Blog and co-owner of Westchester County Moms Blog. In addition to Fairfield County and Westchester County Moms Blog, Amy teaches 7th and 8th Social Studies grade at a local middle school. She married her husband Brien in June of 2009 and is mommy to 3 boys - Dean {May 2012}, Tyler {October 2014}, and Finn {February 2018}. The family lives cozily in their Westport, CT home with two small dogs and one large cat. Besides spending time at home with her family and spending her school days with teens, Amy loves to daydream about traveling across the globe, she’ll read pretty much anything that comes recommended, and is probably the world’s messiest cook. Connect with Amy on Instagram {@amyjones112}.


  1. I LOVE this Amy! I do the same thing but with mason jars. I was just thinking I may have to transfer them to something smaller to make this work for the long haul…spice jars are such a great idea! One of our favorite traditions is picking up a Christmas ornament whenever we take a trip. So much fun to remember our vacations as we decorate the tree!


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