The Volvo XC90 – A Stylish Upgrade

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I had the pleasure of spending the weekend with the Volvo XC90 from Riley Volvo Cars Stamford. This vehicle is undoubtedly a style upgrade from my current mom mobile. Don’t get me wrong, I love my car, but it was nice to experience a luxury feel in a family car.

Driving a Volvo was a nostalgic experience for me. My first car was a (very used) tan Jeep. I absolutely loved it, but it drove like a truck, and you could feel every bump in the road! It is really amazing to think how far cars have come since then. I was so impressed by the new features of the 2023 Volvo XC90! 

Volvo has thought of everything from asking Google questions with the press of a button to logging into your Google account to access times, dates, and locations! I love that you can pull up the Owner’s Manual with, again, the press of a button, and you can access the website specific to the car you are driving by using a QR code on the sun visor! As a busy mom, the XC90 sure makes life easier! 

My favorite features were all the alerts that the car offers! Showing you the speed limit, making you aware of school zones, the parking assistant, the lane-keeping system, and the built-in booster are reassuring as a mother! We should all know these things as drivers, but the extra alerts are a nice feature; when you drive this car, you feel safe!

In addition to safety, some other fun features are the climate control (heated and cooled seats and steering wheel), wireless charging capabilities, and detailed GPS make this car so unique. The trunk space (which I know is very important to families) is adequate, and the sound system is phenomenal. This car is not only luxurious but practical and comfortable!

My early 2000s Jeep wouldn’t even recognize itself in the XC90. The car has serious curb appeal and all the bells and whistles I could imagine. And the safety features that the XC90 offers are the most comforting for this mama!

Truly, everything about this car feels intuitive, comfortable, and sleek. Next time we buy a new car, we will journey down to Riley Volvo Cars Stamford and leave in luxury!

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