Women’s Equality Day


Women's Equality DayEquality is the practice of treating everyone the same. Equity is providing individuals with what they need to succeed. Both are vitally important.  

So, why is August 26th recognized as Women’s Equality Day?   

In 1920 women’s equality rose exponentially when the US government ratified the 19th Amendment, giving women the right to vote. It took 42 years from when it was first proposed in 1878, and it would be another 45 years until the Voting Rights Act passed in 1965, providing more equality for black women to vote. In 1971, a bill was passed to designate August 26th as “Women’s Equality Day.” 

Equality shouldn’t be top of mind for just one day of the year. Let’s keep it going for the other 364 days too. Here are some quick, easy ways to pay homage to this important and ever-evolving movement.

  • Share a story of triumph with your children/family 
  • Change up the household chores so that they’re equally divided, and make a point to show your children how you and your partner share responsibility 
  • Reach out to that new mom in town and make a connection 
  • Find and donate to a charity that furthers human rights
  • Talk to your mom, grandmother, aunt, etc., about how being a woman has changed in their lifetime 
  • Set a new goal for yourself 
  • Read up on local and state politics so you’re ready to vote in the next election
  • Learn more about women’s history  
  • Become a mentor in your field 
  • Watch this brief video with your kids and talk to them about equality 

And if none of those resonate with you, head to your local theater to see the Barbie movie. I personally can’t get Kenough of it!


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