Yes I Joined the Book Club, No I Didn’t Read the Book


Women at a book club sitting in a circle.I vividly remember being a preteen sitting on my grandparent’s lake house deck with my face shoved in a book. I get it from my grandmother. She is always reading, even now at 86 years old.

I would sit there for HOURS and read. I was lost in the world of the characters and a life unlike my own. I was imagining what life would be like if I was them. Wondering if the story the book was telling was my own.

As I got older and took on more responsibilities, the time I had to read changed, but my love of reading had not. I would still spend vacations and at least an hour every night lost in a book.

I even remember going to a work conference, and I was in the middle of the first book of a series. I loved it so much that I finished it the first night I was there and had to take a taxi to the closest bookstore to buy the next book because I wasn’t going to wait till I got home! I’m embarrassed to tell you the series!

Fast forward ten years, I am now married, have twin 4-year-olds, run my own business, and I’m overly involved in several other things. My ability to spend hours reading (and, frankly, staying awake to read) has diminished. I crave being that young girl sitting outside reading for 10-12 hours.

So yes, I will join your book club. I welcome the chance to immerse myself in a different reality and use my brain for more things than work and snack negotiator. As a sole entrepreneur, I long for connections with other people!

I am currently in three book clubs right now. Have I even started any of the books? Take a guess…NOPE! I am the mom that shows up like a tornado, not having a chance to shower, never mind read the book, but I am there for friendship and common interests.

So, if you have someone like this in your life, keep inviting them to the book club. They may really need it. Heck, invite me! I might not read the book, but I will show up with sarcasm and snacks!


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