Janice is an at-home mom in Monroe with her three kids ('05, '08, '11) and numerous pets, including two dogs, a snake, a leopard gecko, and a hamster. She has been married to her high school sweetheart, Justin, for over 20 years. When her oldest child came out as transgender in 2020, Janice found her voice, becoming involved in volunteer work and advocating for children in her community. Janice is a nature buff who prefers to be outdoors and frequently drags her children skiing, hiking, and tortures them with the beach. She writes about her adventures and passion for style on her blog, Momma Wanderer.
Summer craft central supplies.

Summer Craft Central

When I had small children, we did many crafts, and I mean many crafts. I was certainly a crafting queen! Summers home allowed for more time for crafty ideas working with our hands. Now...
A graduate facing towards a set of stairs.

Graduation, A Poem To My Child

My child, Each life milestone evokes rejoice, For you, for me. Connected spirits. Every accomplishment highlights your growth, For time allows seeds to bloom into flowers. The heartaches and hard times provided us with water to propagate, For change is...
Pride events.

Why You Should Take Your Family to These Pride Events

Happy Pride Month! June is a month for showing support to the LGBTQIA+ community, and Fairfield County has several events going on. I choose to celebrate Pride Month with my family because I have...
A clock on a table.

The Mom Years

Some days feel like they’ve lasted a month, and months feel like they’ve lasted two hours. In Mom Years, time is different from years before kids. “The days are long and the years are...
Spring styles of woven prints and sneakers.

Five Spring Looks to Have on Your Fashion Radar

I love the days when my heavy winter coat can be stored in my basement closet, and a jean jacket or trench coat is sufficient. I feel lighter, happier, and more carefree as I...
Gluten-free burgers.

Gluten-Free in the FC

Last year, my husband, for medical reasons, needed to give a gluten-free diet a try. I didn’t think it would be too much of an inconvenience for us, as with most people, it seems...
A woman hiding under the covers making a peace sign and holding a cup of coffee.

Mom Sleep and Foxes at Night

Did you know when you live in the middle of the woods, sometime in the spring, during the night, you will hear an ear-piercingly loud baby screech that causes you to jump out of...
A microphone

Parenting Teens Through Hamilton Lyrics

My children and I became obsessed with Hamilton when it came out on Disney+ in the summer of 2020. We needed something enjoyable to hold onto. I am a history buff and love musicals, and...
A woman holding her head as she sits at her computer.

We Can’t Win All the Days

Hey! I see you there. How are you? Are you feeling good or maybe not so much? Mentally, physically, and spiritually, how are all those things in your life? Are you swimming, or are...
A woman going gray.

My Bumpy Ride to Going Gray

I am happy to say I am almost at the one-year mark of going gray! I wanted to write an update. The confidence I had in the decision has not wavered in the slightest....