Janice is an at-home mom in Monroe with her three kids ('05, '08, '11) and numerous pets, including two dogs, a snake, a leopard gecko, and a hamster. She has been married to her high school sweetheart, Justin, for over 20 years. When her oldest child came out as transgender in 2020, Janice found her voice, becoming involved in volunteer work and advocating for children in her community. Janice is a nature buff who prefers to be outdoors and frequently drags her children skiing, hiking, and tortures them with the beach. She writes about her adventures and passion for style on her blog, Momma Wanderer.
A woman hiding under the covers making a peace sign and holding a cup of coffee.

Mom Sleep and Foxes at Night

Did you know when you live in the middle of the woods, sometime in the spring, during the night, you will hear an ear-piercingly loud baby screech that causes you to jump out of...
A microphone

Parenting Teens Through Hamilton Lyrics

My children and I became obsessed with Hamilton when it came out on Disney+ in the summer of 2020. We needed something enjoyable to hold onto. I am a history buff and love musicals, and...
A woman holding her head as she sits at her computer.

We Can’t Win All the Days

Hey! I see you there. How are you? Are you feeling good or maybe not so much? Mentally, physically, and spiritually, how are all those things in your life? Are you swimming, or are...
A woman going gray.

My Bumpy Ride to Going Gray

I am happy to say I am almost at the one-year mark of going gray! I wanted to write an update. The confidence I had in the decision has not wavered in the slightest....
Feet resting on a large boulder in the woods.

Why Fall is the Best Season of All

Fall feels and autumn vibes are my persona this time of year. There is zero shame in it, and I dare you to wipe the smile off my face as I glance out my...
A puppy laying on the bed.

At Least My Dogs Think I’m Cool

I have two teenagers and one sassy tween. Next summer, I will have three teenagers, help me God. Trust me when I tell you this stage tests your confidence big time! No matter how...
Kids walking in a school hallway.

Five High School Hacks

But what if you fly? My daughter is the nervous type. The nervous type with a special education diagnosis, sees a therapist, and, honestly, has been on medication for anxiety for over a year. Starting...
A girl holding flowers wearing her cap and gown for graduation.

The Last Inning: Senior Year of High School

I don’t feel I’ve been a parent for eight innings, yet here we are, heading into the ninth and last inning of public school. Of course, the ninth inning isn’t the end of the...
A quiet kid sitting alone.

The Quiet Kids

“Just speak up so I can hear you,” my kindergarten teacher yelled at me as I sat on the carpet, holding back my tears. I couldn’t talk louder; this was my voice, a quiet...
Tea in fine China

Like Fine China

Maybe it’s my grey hair coming in, or the fact that I’m feeling sad our grandparents are long gone, or that my 22nd wedding anniversary is near, but I want to make a case...