Five Spring Looks to Have on Your Fashion Radar


I love the days when I can ditch the winter coat, pack up the gloves and walk through the grass with bare toes. I feel lighter, happier, and more carefree as I smell the spring flowers. I’m a fan of classic clothing I can wear year to year, but I find the need to toss in current trends to feel a bit more pulled together and young and hip.

Here are five spring looks to have on your fashion radar.

Midi Dresses

Dresses of all lengths are always stylish for spring and summer; you really can’t go wrong. The midi length, hitting anywhere between your knee and ankle, gives the vintage style a comeback. As someone who is only 5’3, I tend to feel shorter with shorter dress lengths, but I love the midi style because I can wear any shoe and feel stylish!

I’m wearing low-profile sneakers here, but this look would work with a sandal, a wedge, or dressed up with a heel. I’m keeping it casual with a cropped jean jacket for a cooler day.

Puffy Sandals

I had a hard time creating a title for this trend! Puffy sandals were popular last year and are holding on strong for 2022. Some brands call them woven sandals or braided sandals, and they come in all types of heal heights that allow them to go from beach to a shoe you even wear to a wedding.

This year, I chose a flat sandal version because I needed something more casual and wanted white. I have wider feet and prefer a squared toe bed, but the sandals come in all versions if you prefer more of a pointed toe. See them in action in the photo below as well.

White Jean

OK, hear me out here. White jeans are impossible to keep clean as a mom, but a little bleach goes a long way, and the jeans look so good on everyone! I recently saw a teacher in a pair, and she looked professional and put together. She told me she doesn’t wear them around the home and with the kids but loves them for work. And just so you know, you can totally wear white jeans before Memorial Day.

Sorry for the mirror selfie, some days Momma just doesn’t have time.

A white jean jacket works quite nicely as well if you aren’t into the white jeans. Think of it as a casual substitute for a blazer. It can even be worn to a spring shower.

Gauzy Pieces

The texture and softness of gauzy-style clothes feel heavenly. Think beachy, relaxed vibes. I’m wearing some gauzy pants in the photo above with my puffy sandals; you can see the texture better.

Wide Brimmed Hats

Protect that skin! Wider brimmed hats are making their rounds and offer great protection for your face and shoulders.

Picture me on a beach with this hat and not in my dining room. Soon…soon.

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What spring fashion trends will you be wearing this season?


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