Why Fall is the Best Season of All


Fall feels and autumn vibes are my persona this time of year. There is zero shame in it, and I dare you to wipe the smile off my face as I glance out my back door and stare at the trees while sipping my pumpkin coffee. The fall season is about the food, about the fashions, and it’s mostly about the inspiring changing colors outside. Here are all the reasons why fall is the best season of all.

1. Favorite Fall Recipes

Autumn recipes are vast and delicious, from drinks to salads to pies to soups. Going into Trader Joe’s this time of year serves as a therapy session for me. Their fall salsa is my favorite. I’m obsessed with their pumpkin bread box mix.

It’s easy to get on the wrong path with unhealthy eating habits this time of year (hello, Halloween candy!). I attempt to balance that with a few family-favorite fall dishes that are healthier, including this apple slaw recipe that even all three of my children love. Butternut Squash soup is the one I make the most (I love this recipe). Speaking of butternut squash, this salad is perfection (only one of my kids will regularly eat).

Please don’t knock it until you try it, but most major grocery stores now carry pumpkin hummus, and wow. It’s like a healthier version of the interior of a pumpkin pie (dip some graham crackers in it). Every season, I aim to find something new, and this baked pumpkin goat cheese risotto is the winner. I’ll let you know how it goes.

2. Favorite Fall Fashions

Last year, I wrote about some fall fashions, and those styles are still holding strong this year. I’ve added to my western boot trend and now have a knee-high pair in my closet. I’ve been wearing them constantly.

western boots
The boots are Dolce Vita from Nordstrom; the pointy toe that’s not pointy is very “in.”

I’m also loving longer denim skirts this autumn. I bought one back in March, and it’s a great piece to wear, no matter the season. I wore it in spring and summer with booties, sneakers, and sandals, and now with my tall boots. In the cooler months, I’ll add tights underneath.

autumn style
The hat is from Nordstrom, the skirt from Anthropologie, and the sweater is from Pink Lily

3. Favorite Fairfield County Autumn Hikes

There are so many fun fall destinations, but nothing can surpass hiking during the fall! I’m biased because I live in Monroe, but we have two great hikes for children: Webb Mountain and Great Hollow Lake. At Webb Mountain, the Discovery Zone is one section, and it’s great for very little kids, but drive further down the road (Webb Circle) past the Discovery Zone. Take the right, down Old Fish House Drive, and park at the second side parking lot. From there, you’ll find many trails, one leading up to the overlook (purple trail); it’s stunning in autumn! It is considered an easy trail but is not stroller-friendly.

Webb Mountain, Monroe CT
The overlook at Webb Mountain

Another favorite place for easy hikes with the kids is Orchard Hill Nature Park on Huntington Road in Newtown. It has a gorgeous bridge (pic below) and a small waterfall, both making for nice backdrops for autumn pictures. As you can see below, my kids are excited to hike with me.

Orchard Hill Nature Park, Newtown, CT

4. Fall Season Holidays

And, of course, last but not least, the fall holidays of Halloween and Thanksgiving! Too much fun to be had. When I was growing up, my mom and grandma always had a great time over-decorating for the holidays. I never knew it wasn’t the norm. I tend to do the same thing and find it part of my self-care. It’s purely for my enjoyment and nostalgia.

As you can see in the picture above, my front porch is all decked out. My formal dining room is a place I decorate extensively as well (below was last November).

Dining room autumn decor

Do you love autumn too?


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