Lindsay, a newly-single mom, lives in Trumbull with her three crazy kids (girl – 2016, and boy-girl twins – 2020) and Harley, their Shih Tzu in her twilight years. Originally from the windy city of Chicago, Lindsay came out East in 2018 and has finally accepted it as her home. With a strong background in the hospitality industry, Lindsay decided to make a career change post-pandemic and is now in sales for assisted living communities. Outside of spending time with her young children and family, Lindsay enjoys volunteering for her children’s schools, meeting new friends, and trying new restaurants.
Ballerinas in ballet shoes.

The Proud Dance Mom

As a little girl, I loved dancing. I did it all - ballet, tap, jazz, pointe, and hip hop. My parents got me into classes at a very young age, and as I got...
A woman speaking to a therapist.

The Importance of a Therapist

I used to think that having a therapist was for those who were going through significant issues in their lives, someone to talk them through something catastrophic. I remember seeing lots of therapists as...
Packing a suitcase for a trip.

The Packing Debacle

My children and I do not take many vacations, so when we do, a lot of preparation (mostly on my end) goes into it. I have never been a good packer. I always pack...
Post-it notes to set and achieve goals.

Creating Goals for the Next Decade

Goals. We hear about them all the time. New year goals, the beginning of the school year goals, career goals, and everything we want to accomplish by a certain deadline. As I watched a milestone...
Women celebrating with wine.

A Girls Trip: A Celebration of My 40th Trip Around the Sun

40 is the new 30? This sentence has continually replayed in my head since. The day after I turned 39, I started wanting the days to go backward, not forward. We all have a...
Three generations of women.

An Evolving Mother/Daughter Relationship

Mother/daughter relationships. They are by far the most unique of relationships that exist. My relationship with my mother is no different. It has certainly evolved over the years. We have had good and bad...
A mom sitting with her head down next to her baby's crib.

Postpartum Anxiety: Prioritizing Your Mental Health

Well before I even thought about becoming a mother, I heard the term 'post-partum depression.' In the 80s and 90s, post-partum depression was not too prevalent as it was rarely diagnosed and unfortunately not...
A woman exercising on a treadmill.

Forever Struggling with Weight

I cannot remember when I first began to struggle with being overweight. I recall being a 'bigger-boned' girl in late junior high and high school. I developed quicker than some of my peers, and...
A three-year-old boy.

Battling the Threenager

Before I had kids, I remember parents referencing the "terrible twos." Never really thinking much about it, I always chalked it up to young kids being difficult, and when I got to that phase...
A woman taking a deep breath outside.

Stop the Comparison

For as long as I can remember, I cared so much about how others perceived me. I am not the only one, but growing up with divorced parents made me highly sensitive to being...