The Importance of a Therapist


A woman speaking to a therapist.I used to think that having a therapist was for those who were going through significant issues in their lives, someone to talk them through something catastrophic.

I remember seeing lots of therapists as an adolescent after my parents were divorced. I was young and talking through my feelings with these specialists, and they helped me immensely. Although I also remember thinking at the time, “Why do I have to see a therapist?”

As I got older, I faced many challenges that I probably should have had a therapist to speak to, but in my late teens and early 20s, I felt as if there was a negative stigma around “seeing a therapist.” I felt that people, especially my family and friends, would perceive me as having a mental health issue or some significant issue that I felt I couldn’t talk to them about.

My life has taken quite a bit of a tailspin in the past few years. Between moving to another state without my family, changing jobs, having twins in a pandemic, and the everyday stress of motherhood, I finally realized I needed someone to talk to who was unbiased. After having several appointments with my therapist, I asked myself, “What was I so scared of?”

I wish I had decided to see a therapist years ago.

Most recently, I’ve had another major life change. Navigating a divorce and all of the feelings involved with it has been challenging. Of course, I have my friends that I can undoubtedly lean on. They have gotten me through some tough times this year. However, my therapist has been my right-hand woman.

Even when my challenging times are over, I plan to keep my therapist and have weekly sessions. Having someone who is a listening ear and doesn’t judge you is extremely important to my mental health.

It was a long road for me to realize that therapists are not just for those struggling in the moment but for those who may have struggled in the past and may in the future.

Have you ever sought out the help of a therapist when you have been going through a difficult time?


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