Rachel lives in Bethel, CT, with her husband, daughters (2007, 2009) and son (2011). She is a portrait photographer and has owned her business, Forty Seven Moments Photography (47moments.com), for 16 years. When she isn't photographing or driving her children around to all of their activities, she is daydreaming about her next adventure. She loves spending time outdoors whether it's in the mountains, on the beach or in her own backyard. She enjoys traveling, spending quality time with her family and connecting with friends both old and new.
A hand in a group hug.

Ideas For Connecting With Your Child After School

At the end of a long day, finding ways to connect with your child after school can be a challenge. Not all kids are ready to tell you every detail of their day; even...
20 Creative and Inexpensive Date Ideas

20 Creative and Inexpensive Date Ideas

Fun and interactive dates are important for any relationship, but sometimes it’s difficult to think of something original to do. A good date doesn’t have to be overly complicated or expensive. It just needs...
Hands holding a steering wheel.

Teaching My 16-Year-Old How to Drive in CT

When my daughter turned 16 and got her learner’s permit, I knew it would be life-changing for all of us, but in reality, I had no idea what to expect. She’s independent and holds a...
family-friendly bike trails

Family-Friendly Bike Trails in Fairfield County

One of the best activities to do with your family is taking a bike ride together. Spring, late summer, and early fall are ideal seasons for family bike rides because of the comfortable temperatures...
A hand with a oxygen monitor on the thumb.

Supporting Your Injured Child During an Emergency

We all hope never to find ourselves in the midst of a traumatic situation, but there may come a time when supporting your injured child during an emergency is necessary. This recently happened to...
A family posing for a family photoshoot.

Easy Tips For Looking Better in Pictures

As a professional photographer, I’m continuously asked by my clients to help them look better in their photos. I often hear, “You can fix that in Photoshop, right?” While many things can be edited...

Fun and Local Day Trips to Take With Your Family in CT

Connecticut is a gorgeous place to live with so much to offer. The benefit of this small state is that you have the ability to see the mountains and the ocean in less than...
Food to make budget-friendly meals for 2 weeks.

Two Weeks of Healthy, Fast, Budget-Friendly Dinners

We’ve all been impacted by inflation over the past year. My family’s biggest expense increase has been our grocery budget. With growing children eating all the time, finding healthy foods that don’t break the...
Raw honey and lemon.

Natural Tips and Remedies for When Your Child is Sick

It’s that time of year when we’re dodging illnesses left and right. We do our best to avoid getting sick, but sometimes it’s inevitable. As moms, our deepest desire is for our children to...
A mom and teen wearing sunglasses inside.

Fun Activities to Do With Your Teenager

Investing in your relationship with your child is highly important regardless of age. However, bonding may not always come easy, especially when it’s with your teenager. At this stage of life, teens enjoy their...